When Should You Turn Pro in Photography?

For a lot of us, becoming a professional photographer is our dream career; it has certainly been mine for a long time. Knowing when to make the leap can be hard, though. 

When I decided to become a professional photographer, digital was just taking over from film photography. Everything was up in the air, and the solid career paths of old were quickly slipping away. In this video, I go over some key bits of advice to help you decide when to turn pro in photography. 

I decided to try and do the full-time job with part-time photography to part-time job with part-time photography, before finally making the leap. Although I am not sure that this is the best way to go about things, there needs to be a solid period where even though you won't be making the money you need, you have the time to really dig deeply into your photographic niche to bridge the skill gap between those who have nothing to do all day but take photographers and the rest of us who are struggling to fit it into our spare time. 

There is rarely a time when hobbies make more money than day jobs, allowing for a dream-like and easy transition. I also discuss getting feedback on how good you actually are. I know a lot of people who have tried to become photographers because friends and family have told them that they have a talent, whereas, in reality, they are pretty average at that point in their photographic career. 

The great thing about photography is that there are loads of different careers within the field and a plethora of ways to reach them, from assisting to going all out by yourself and a host of jobs in-between. 

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