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Why Being a Lazy Photographer May Not Be Such a Bad Thing

You don't have to look for too long on Instagram to find some very hard-working and busy photographers. Is all that industrious activity doing them any good? Here's why being lazy may actually be a better option.

When most of us think of the word "lazy," it brings up all kinds of negative connotations. None of these attributes are things you'd probably like to be associated with in your photographic practice. The team over at The School of Life would say otherwise in their latest video, which explores and positively celebrates the act of being lazy.

In the video, philosopher and author Alain de Botton goes into great detail on why being too active can be a bad thing. One part that particularly struck a chord with me was when he talks about having a "shield of busyness" stopping us from actually taking stock of things. I think us photographers can be guilty of plowing on with our heads down so much that we never take a moment to actually look up or more importantly, look within. de Botton goes on to explain why we need to make time to process the foundations of our problems so we can arrive at decisions and conclusions that can govern our own path. Many of us would understandably rather not think about our emotions or failings, and our brain is happy to reward us for keeping busy regardless of the outcome.

So, before you take on the next big photo project, maybe give yourself some time to be a little lazier. You may be surprised by what comes of doing less.

Lead image by ivxintong via Pixabay, used under Creative Commons.

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I'm too lazy now to watch the video until the end.