Five Reasons to Consider Capture One Over Lightroom

When it comes to software for editing and general management of your photos, the two major options are Lightroom and Capture One. Both have their pros and cons, and if you are currently wondering which is right for you or considering a switch, this excellent video overview will give you five reasons to consider Capture One over Lightroom. 

Coming to you from Robhallphoto, this awesome video overview will show you five reasons to consider using Capture One over Lightroom. One thing that is definitely worth checking out is how Capture One renders colors as compared to Lightroom. Of course, that is not to say Lightroom's colors are deficient or that you can't take control of them, but many photographers prefer the way Capture One handles color rendering. Beyond color, another major advantage Capture One has is its tethering abilities. The program's tethering capabilities are generally far beyond those of Lightroom, especially in terms of stability, which is why photographers who are working on large sets with creative teams generally prefer working with Capture One, especially so everyone can quickly see shots as they are taken along with basic adjustments applied to them. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Hall. 

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Alex Cooke is a Cleveland-based portrait, events, and landscape photographer. He holds an M.S. in Applied Mathematics and a doctorate in Music Composition. He is also an avid equestrian.

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Hey good upbeat video ya love the skin tone slider…got to have it shooting portraits except when I use my Hasselblad then the skin is flawless colors.

Wish C1 had a way to email files straight by clicking as LR does.
C1 layers are great just finished two books with C1 still used PS for final editing. I’m now experimenting with LR new masking it’s unbelievable because it’s so like using the blend if logic of PS, masking is now taken to a new level and it has nameable layers.
Your right about the better colors C1 vs LR but I still use PS to kill global color casts nothing beats PS especially if one uses filter/blur/average method.

Unfortunately none of the software is easy and quick to bring images to life but I admit C1 although very confusing if first time user or you’ve not watched the hundred hours of excellently produced video instructions is not intuitive.

By the way not sure it beats Phocus tethering but it’s a close contender and better than LR.

One thing you didn’t mention is soft proofing and printing which I know is a thing of the past but I’m still printing about one hundred feet a week Whew! LR great but I always print from PS it’s the best.

In the future C1 or LR using the soon to be released M2 might just be able to improve te import speed of the file’s

Capture One is the only software I have found that simply just work with tethered shooting. I don’t think Lightroom even support Sony.
Still until now the masking tool and some other thing have kept me using Lightroom to edit.
Capture One have steeper learning curve and I find it faster to work in Lightroom.

Also some of those tweaks we do on the big screen are so small that when you print or publish to web you are lucky to see them at all :)

Capture One is rock solid and for certain users it is beneficial, I suppose. But it is twice the price of Photoshop and Lightroom.

I guess I am two versions behind now, maybe need to upgrade and look at new stuff. But Lightroom also did a lot of nice improvements short time ago.

A couple more.

If your needs are basic and you use only Nikon, Fuji or Sony, you can have a free copy of C1. Google Capture One Free Fuji etc.

If you shoot Nikon or Fuji and love their colors, C1 has really good color modes for them. Probably other brands too but those are the ones I know.

you forgot rule #1: it's not Adobe

Amans. I moved to C1 for editing and management and moved to Affinity photo for retouching. I couldn't be happier. The best part is everything just works with out huge slow downs, stuttering, or crashing.