Live Now: Lindsay Adler's Skin 101: Lighting, Retouching and Understanding Skin Course

Capturing beautiful skin tones is essential to any great portrait, yet skin is notoriously difficult to photograph and retouch. For the next 3 days on CreativeLive, you can join Lindsay to Learn how to handle your subject's skin and add polish to all of your portraits. For the next 3 days, Lindsay will take you through the essentials of understanding, lighting, photographing and retouching skin in all its variations.

Live Now on CreativeLive: Sue Bryce and Felix Kunze present The Lighting Challenge: Natural vs Studio

As a photographer, nothing defines your talent more than your ability to capture, create, and place the right light. Award-winning portrait photographer Sue Bryce joins studio lighting wunderkind Felix Kunze for a free, live, lighting masterclass covering the universally most-used portrait scenarios. You will learn how to work with both natural and studio light — so that you are prepared to walk into any environment and take a gorgeous photograph.

Weekly Contest: Win a Canon 5D Mark III or Nikon D800!

Fstoppers has partnered with the awesome folks at ViewBug to bring you sweet, sweet contests weekly! We're starting things off with a bang by giving away your choice of a Canon 5K Mark III or a Nikon D800, arguably two of the best DSLRs on the market. The theme of the contest is "Creative Compositions." The contest will be judged by Dan Carr, a senior photographer for the Canadian ski magazine Skier.

Jim Garner Shares His Wedding Photography Techniques on CreativeLive

Today on CreativeLive, Award-winning wedding photographer Jim Garner is sharing hard-won industry secrets — learned from decades of experience — and guiding viewers through the creative process that has helped make a name for himself in the industry. Jim will explore tools and strategies that will make your workflow more streamlined and your studio more profitable. Plus, during live action photo shoots, you can watch Jim’s “story shooting” philosophy in action — as he demonstrates how posing, shooting, and lighting contribute to the strength of the visual story.

creativeLIVE Photoshop Week Streaming LIVE Now

The folks over at creativeLIVE are broadcasting an entire week of photoshop classes. Classes kicked off Monday, February 24 and will continue to stream LIVE for free until Friday, February 28th. This week covers a broad spectrum of things available to photographers in Lightroom and Photoshop such as workflow, digital file management, local and global adjustments, photo restoration, selections, and my personal favorite, advanced beauty retouching.

Winner of the Profoto B1 Giveaway!

If you recall, we partnered with Profoto USA this month to give away their new B1 TTL location light. The new Profoto B1 makes it easier than ever to use your flash off camera. With battery-power/ without cords, the 500w/s B1 goes wherever you go. Combining performance and the legendary Profoto light shaping system the B1 makes great light easy. We picked a random winner and it turned out to be Ryan Williams who isn't just a photographer, but a United States soldier actively deployed in Afghanistan.

Last Day to Save on Kelby Training.com: Cyber Weekend Deal

Today is the last day to save on photography training courses over at KelbyTraining.com. This is their biggest sale of the year so you don't want to pass this up. With over 700 hours of training from some of the best photographers in the world, they have discounted every subscription. Normally an annual subscription is $199 but they're offering $40 off and a monthly subscription is just $14.95.