Insider View: Joey Lawrence

I was first introduced to Joey L's work through a photoshoot I did with Hayley Ayala (aka Nikon girl). Joey Lawrence is a commercial photographer based out of New York City. His client list includes Forbes Magazine, NBC, Warner Bros Records, FX Network, and Atlantic Records. He has shot for Panic at the Disco, The Jonas Brothers, 50 Cents, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Twilight. Joey is probably a better photographer than you. Joey also just turned twenty.

View more of Joey's work at

The Real Joey Lawrence from Canamedia Inc. on Vimeo.

Patrick Hall is the cofounder of and a wedding photographer in Charleston, South Carolina

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Amazing movie. This guy has an amazing life! He travels around the world at a very young age and gets payed for it. I mean who would't want to do this? The photos he makes a also very impressive.


Honestly, I can't say that Joey is better than me or better than anyone else as a photographer. His pictures are great, but is he the best? Not at all... In what Joey excel, is that he is living his dream, he is not afraid and he is asking what he wants for his life instead of waiting. He is living his dream instead of dreaming and nothing will stop him because he seems like he doesn't care about anything else than being happy at what you do. And I'm sure he must have got lots of people telling him he was crazy, it wasn't the good thing to do but didn't listen and pursue...

Honestly, that's what I should have done at his age, and that is what I am teaching my kids. Do not listen to anything else than your heart when it will be time to choose a career. There isn't a studid job. there's no need to be a successful man, but it is important to success your dream.

that's where he is best, he didn't do like all the others who are waiting for their dream to come true but never will because if you don't ask, if you don't find what you really want, you will live a life with emptiness.


I have to become a Photographer ! XD Amazing Interview!

Joey is also an amazing creative talent, a hard worker, and has exceptional post-processing skills. I've been following him since he was a kid (he still is!) and he's always pushing into new realms of digital imagery and visual theater.

Simply amazing! Joey has an exceptional talent. He pursues his dreams in digital photography and he indeed far achieved it at a very young age. This video inspired me, though I'm a culinary student, my hobby in photography somewhat turns into passion.

He´s good, but as Ghislain said, not the best. Good for him to live his dream - wonder how he got that far so fast :) ?

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Any idea where this video could be found now? it's not available anymore as far as I can tell