See A $500,000 Platinum Portrait Being Made

Here's a bit of fun Sunday watching: a halftone portrait made with tens of thousands of platinum balls will soon be available by special order from Platinum Sphere Portrait. Personally, I find this more intersting from an engineering point of view rather than a photographic one. And sure, a 58x80cm portrait done in half a million dollars worth of platinum is mind boggling expensive but let's be honest, wouldn't it be cool to have one of your prints immortalized in an lustrous precious metal that will never tarnish or fade?

“This breathtakingly beautiful portrait, made of platinum, was produced with the very best jewellery craftsmanship in Japan. The world’s first portrait made of platinum, this piece of platinum art portrays a woman who exudes her unique beauty and confidence from within. Production of this one-of-the-kind portrait required platinum ingots, melted in a furnace at more than 1,700 Celsius degrees, which were shaped into balls in 2 to 5mm pitch. The platinum balls were then handed over to master craftsmen who painstakingly set each ball by hand to create the portrait.”

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It's amazing to see how they could take a mediocre photo that looks like it's been taken from an ad for russian margarine and transform it into a physical image that is worth as much as what an average Chinese worker earns in about 200 years. I'm wondering why they have not the image of a howling wolf into the background of the image, to bring it to the top of tastelessness (and to kick it down the other end). The image is the perfect illustration that wealth and taste are often opposites that not necessarily attract.

I agree. They could also have added a typo for good measure.

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well said.

I don't think a chinese worker can earn that much in 200 years :))

Pure perfection…of trivial stupidity. $500,000 to work with and this is what they come up with? I could have used that money to fly to africa, take an amazing portrait of some local in a village, and then use the rest of the money to feed them for the next 100 years!