Speedo Outlines A Complete Ad Campaign

I'm always interested in underwater photoshoots because I've failed miserably trying to do my own underwater shoots in the past. I was happy when I came across this video created by Speedo where they show you exactly how they came up for their new 2010 print ad campaign. It's a shame they don't showcase photographer Martin Brent more than they do but they do a great job showing how the idea was first created and the process of going from idea to final rendering.

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Sebastian Kubatz's picture

really cool underwater studio... thanks for sharing this video

Vin Lim's picture

very cool.. and well illustrated work. loving it!

Lloyd's picture

Very interesting - I'd love to do an underwater shoot there!

Adam's picture

Awesome video!

Donnie Bell Design's picture

I saw this on Chase Jarvis' website as well. Pinewood studios is a pretty sweet place to do something like this.

Shane's picture

Very cool stuff! Thanks for sharing...

Simon's picture

Very funny how the very next blog post right after this one on my rss list is from Chase Jarvis talking about the making of the Speedo ad campaign ! lol

Patrick Hall's picture

Yeah Chase knows what's up! It's a big step for FS when CJ is dropping our name; this whole online community thing is pretty much working out now :)

Harry Pehkonen's picture

Very nicely done! I enjoyed seeing what the illustrator was able to add to the result. I loved the scene of the SCUBA diver putting away the lights in the end.

zack hughes's picture

im really really interested in knowing how they strobed under water!