Thought Process Behind a Sports Illustrated Cover Shoot With Alexis Cuarezma

Want to know what it's like to shoot world-renowned athletes for a magazine like Sports Illustrated? In this video, commercial, editorial, and advertising photographer Alexis Cuarezma shares the method behind his very first cover shoot for SI, including light setups and how he overcame unexpected obstacles.

Everyone imagines their first big-time cover shoot, and for sports photographers, there may be no magazine cover as coveted as Sports Illustrated. They imagine the intricate setups, where the athletes walk on set and the lights flash as iconic images are captured, but they don't imagine not knowing where to set up, trigger malfunctions, no power sources, being rushed by the PR department, and having only one minute to capture a cover-worthy shot.

In this video, Cuarezma shares how he prepared for just such occasions, with multi-group light setups and backgrounds for quick changes, and why he chose gear that would give him the most flexibility, even in a powerless situation. Not only does he share how he was able to capture magazine-worthy photos in less than one minute, but how he was also able to fit personal work into such a tight schedule. We also get to see the light setup for his showcase image and learn what settings he prefers for maximum flexibility in working with the athletes during such a limited timeframe. It's a mini masterclass in being prepared.

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Welcome to 2014.

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Ooh that was informative. What a stressful shoot though haha