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2 DAYS LEFT! Fstoppers Is Giving Away A Free Trip To Gulf Photo Plus In Dubai

To celebrate the release of our newest wedding tutorial, Fstoppers is giving away a free flight and accommodations to Gulf Photo Plus in Dubai! One lucky reader will fly out to GPP during March 2013 to attend one of the coolest photo workshops on the planet. If you win, you will pick the workshops you want to attend as well as win digital copies of Peter Hurley's The Art Behind The Headshot and Fstoppers' How to Become a Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer. All the juicy details are inside this post

In order to make this contest easy to enter and accessible to everyone, we have allowed readers to enter in three ways. Anyone over the age of 18 can enter and you can be from any country in the world. You can enter across all three platforms to increase your chances of winning.

Enter through

Simply leave an encouraging comment in the Disqus bar below to enter. Any vulgar or inappropriate comments will be removed and disqualified.

Enter through Facebook:

Like Fstoppers and Gulf Photo Plus on Facebook and leave an encouraging comment in the Win A Free Trip To Gulf Photo Plus post on our Facebook feed. Due to the fact that we failed to mention it in the video, "liking" Gulf Photo Plus' Facebook page is not mandatory.

Enter through Twitter:

Tweet the following message in it's entirety to enter. While multiple tweets won't increase your chances, they will give you Karma points with the Fstoppers staff :)

"Follow @fstoppers and @gulfphotoplus and retweet this message to win a free trip to Gulf Photo Plus in Dubai"

All entries must be made between now and Friday January 18th, 2013 at 11:59 pm US Eastern Time. One "semi finalist" from each of the three platforms will be randomly picked. One of those three names will be randomly picked from a Nikon Coffee mug as the lucky winner! Stay tuned for an announcement on Monday January 21st to see who will be packing their bags and meeting us out in Dubai.

What is the grand prize?

The flight and hotel will be covered by Fstoppers (up to a maximum of $3000). Make sure you can schedule time off from whatever you might be doing between March 1st - 8th. The trip is non refundable if you are not able to attend in which case a random semi finalist will be chosen to take your place. Gulf Photo Plus is supplying a winner with an all access workshop pass for any workshops that have availability.

You will also receive a copy of our newest wedding tutorial: How To Become A Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer. You can learn more about this in the video below.

The winner will also receive a copy of Peter Hurley's tutorial, The Art Behind Headshot. You can learn more about that here:

If you have purchased either of the DVD's or your ticket's to Dubai for Gulf Photo Plus and you happen to win, we will reimburse you for everything you have already purchased. Good luck to everyone who enters and I hope you are as excited about this as we are here at Fstoppers.


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Curtis Farmer's picture

I would be THRILLED to win this trip and the DVDs! Thanks so much for the generous offer and for all that you guys do!

Ihab Mokayed's picture

I live in Abu Dhabi, 1 hour 15 minutes away from Dubai! Choose me, and you don't have to pay for transportation! Awesome ha?! Hahaaaa

tyland1's picture

This would be a great learning experience and would make all of my photo students jealous! You guys rock.

Jacob's picture

A great opportunity to further my knowledge of the craft I make a living with, and get a sun tan. WIN WIN! 

John Crouch's picture

Love the site!  Good luck with the DVDs.

han.charles's picture


this would be an amazing opportunity! 

Friends who have visited Dubai have nothing but great comments and cool photos. To be able to learn more about photography and photographing there would be excellent.

Boro Boro's picture

That would be great! :)

rtimko's picture

I would absolutely LOVE the opportunity! My wife and I are planning to put a bun in the oven and I'd love to go on a great trip like this as a last hurrah! 

Juan Rodriguez's picture

Yessss please!!! it would be amazing!!! I need my photography to go to the next level!

Uros Zuraj's picture

finally a competition where you can enter from your bed :)

Rebecca's picture

I wanna go!!! I've heard its soooo beautiful! Pick me! 

Geeshan Bandara's picture

I lived in Dubai for 12 years and would love to go back.

Stephanie Landry's picture

I would love this opportunity to travel and learn so much!

Reinout Smit's picture

Wow, this is one of the best price givings ever.
Always soaking up the information and blogs about the Gulf Photo Plus

jrseaman's picture

This would be an opportunity of a life time!

You guys are really killing me with this contest, as an avid contest enter'er haha, I think I've entered almost every fstpr contest there is/has been. Not to brag about you guys, but I think this is the best contest ever!

Nick van der Touw's picture

A trip halfway across the world to attend the most awesome conference in photography? Yes.

Who doesn't want to go to Dubai and attend Gulf photoplus.

This is trully amazing! Thank you for this opportunity !

Tyler Walker's picture

It would very intimidating to be at the conference with so many great people! That is not going to stop me from striving for adventure and improvement though. This will be great for whoever gets to go.

Who doesn't want to go to Dubai!

Heather Turner's picture

OMG - this would be AMAZING! 

Andrew Barros's picture

this is a great prize to win! this should be an interesting contest!

Johannes S. Beals's picture

What a priceless opportunity!

Heather Turner's picture

Wow. This would be an incredible experience!!

Alexander Smirnov's picture

Take risks: if you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise.

Anna Davis Key's picture

We are thrilled and inspired with our DVD only 3 videos in, and going to GPP would be a chance to go  above and beyond!!!

Talyn Behzad's picture


Kaqchikel's picture

Dear Fstoppers. 

This would be awesome.

I kind of saw this one coming! Pick me and we can be friends! Bam!

Michail's picture

Dubai here I come! 

Martin Wallmann's picture

A Trip to Dubai, Photo Plus, and these DVDs that would be fantastic way to learn new things and have a great time

Talyn Behzad's picture

Dubai would be an amazing experience especially with a group of professional photographers!

Mi Ray's picture

That would be awesome!!!

Steve Wenzel's picture

What an incredible opportunity for the winner. (Hopefully that's me!)

Sean Fenzl's picture

I teach photography at our local college... can't imagine the huge amount of inspiration I'd bring back to leak into the classroom.. this is one helluva opportunity!! 

G.Bazarova's picture

For the sake of the happiness of humanity, the video portrays amazing opportunity to become a lucky one to experience Dubai))) looking forward!!

This is an amazing opportunity. What a dream to be in Dubai and learning more about your photography passion. 

Marc Pagani's picture

Sounds great to me!  Dubai!  I've always wanted to get to Middle East, and doing it while hanging out with other interesting and talented photographers would be a huge bonus.  Great idea!

This is an amazing opportunity. What a dream to be in Dubai and learning more about your photography passion.  

Any photographer would be silly not to at least try...wait..don't try keep the odds in my favor!

Taffy Johnson's picture

I would like to win because I want to learn. Plus I get to hang with my cousins... Cheers!!!

mfmg's picture

I never win anything. I'll try anyway, because this would be so RAD.

Michael Velardo's picture

Would love this amazing opportunity. A dream come true.

Kriston Bethel's picture

I'm going to clear my schedule for the first week of March. At least maybe there will be a livestream that I can watch that week?

I would Love to win a trip to Gulf Photos Plus!!

I've been dreaming about going to Dubai for years! I also have a dear friend there, who i haven't seen for ages. Not to mention the workshop. Wow! Keep up the good work you guys :))

mfmg's picture

Why is the video "private"?

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