August Contest Winner: Ken Brown

I am proud to announce our first monthly contest winner is Ken Brown. The theme for the photography contest was "technology" and Ken delivered a gorgeous shot of a Lotus sports car.


As promised, Ken now has his own banner on the top of our website and he gets to choose the winner of the September contest. The next theme is "motion". Please submit your pictures by posting them here.

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Burt Johnson's picture

I'd like to ask that the banners of winners have some sort of icon tag on them so that we know that is how they got there. I expect that I will want to visit those each month in the future.

Also, interesting idea to let each winner pick the next winner. As long as you have protections against past winners picking friends and keeping a small circle, I applaud you for thinking of that novel approach!

Nick West's picture

Congrats Ken!

I had a feeling our chances of winning had rapidly decreased when you posted these haha!