[Contest] Peter Hurley to Judge Headshot Facebook Contest

Last week we announced our headshot photography contest, where the winner would receive the The Art Behind the Headshot DVD. I said that you readers would be picking the winner. However, when Peter Hurley calls and offers his services, you don't say no.

After posting the contest, Peter gave us a call and suggested that he be the judge of the contest. We thought that was a great idea, so we acquiesced. Everyone who has already submitted is still in the running but you only have one week left to impress Peter with your best headshot. He will be judging based on the emotion you evoke through your interaction with the model, so make him FEEL!

To enter to win, follow the steps below:

1) Join the Fstoppers Facebook Group.
2) Upload your best white-background headshot (underexposed white or pure white), and make sure to write "This is my entry for the Peter Hurley DVD contest" in the description. Entries must be received by Feb 7th.
3) Check back at Fstoppers.com February 8 to see Peter's top picks and, of course, our winner.

Keep in mind, your entry cannot be a self portrait- We want to see how your interaction with the model produces a unique image.

Upload your entry to our Fstoppers Facebook Group. Good luck!

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Interesting change of rules :)


Patrick Hall's picture

just a typo...no change in rules except Peter is now the judge

I already entered, do I need to re-submit?

I'm confused... so we have one week, but the deadline is yesterday? Please clarify. 

I'd agree. .  this post is a little confusing. Do we need to repost, did the submission date get changed?

Same here, confused. 
Do we need to resubmit?
Can I enter a 2nd time?

whats the deadline now??

Patrick Hall's picture

Feb 7th as always, sorry for the typo

awesome! I'm much more pleased with Peter Hurley as an over all judge! I wouldn't have said no to that one either… ;) 

ps. may random thought to the deadline: keep it where it was -> the fb group gets crowed with these head shots… 

Lee Morris's picture

Just to clarify guys. You do not have to resubmit anything. The contest will be ending on Feb 7th and on that date Peter will choose his favorite (he has already been keeping up with all of the submissions so far). Feel free to enter more than 1 image but do not enter the same image more than once.

Lee Morris's picture

And just a tip to everyone entering. If Peter is judging, he is going to want to see an interesting expression out of your subject. A pretty face alone will not win this competition.

Whoot! my photo is still in the running then! :) 


I know this is knit-picky but will he begin judging on the 7th....so we should had ether submitted by 8:00AM the morning of the 7th so he has time to judge them...or do we just need to have them submitted by midnight on the 7th? I'm not procrastinating, I just have a big shoot scheduled for Monday that will be used for the entry. Thanks