[Contest] The Winner Of A Nikon D800 Or Canon 5D Mark III Is

[Contest] The Winner Of A Nikon D800 Or Canon 5D Mark III Is

A few weeks ago Fstoppers teamed up with SLR Lounge for a contest giveaway. The contest wasn't just any contest though; we wanted to give one of our lucky readers either a brand new Canon 5D Mark III or Nikon D800 camera of their choosing. All the entries were in by April 30th, and yesterday we picked our lucky winner. Cross your fingers and say a little prayer before you hit the full post...

After following both SLR Lounge and Fstoppers on Facebook, the luckiest guy in the photo world today is....Matt Gleason with Matt Gleason Photography!

Matt is a child, infant, and newborn photographer based out of Middleboro, MA. We haven't told him yet that he is the lucky winner so leave your congrats in the comments below. If you are active on the social media circuits (and we think most of you are), break the news to Matt on his Twitter account or his Facebook Page. And Matt, please email us and let us know which one of these sick new DSLR cameras you want!

Thanks for everyone who entered. After the random winner was chosen, we looked at the raw data and we have some very dedicated readers! Even as some readers had entries in the hundreds, it was pretty exciting to see someone win with relatively few entries....congrats again Matt.

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Oh well, whichever one that he doesn't want, I would gladly take it off of your hands ;)



congrats..which DSLR did Matt Gleason deserved ??

wow! congratulations man! 
I really had my hopes up

whomp whomp =


i really wanted the D800, but Matts work and clients really will enjoy this!
Matt, get the D800!!!!!!! I tested this and it's Sick! Best camera I ever shot with!

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Congratz! No wonder I didn't win. I only had around 60 entries.

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well to be fair, only 5 people had more than 100 entries.  

Please have the unchosen camera given away too. Have a 2nd winner from the entries submitted.

Here's to hoping.

Patrick Hall's picture

there is no 'unchosen camera"....we are only ordering the one camera :)

I only had one... I'm just far too British!

congrats...go for the Canon Matt. Forget the Nikon

He's getting the D800, per his Facebook. Great choice Matt! I'd get that, too!

- Joe Gunawan | fotosiamo.com

WOOHOO!! Yay, Matt ... well done dude :) Nikon all the way ... hahahaha!

Congratulations Matt :)

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Time to unfollow!

I hear that guy hates children and kicks puppies. :D

Congrats, but wish it was me...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh so jealous now!
enjoy the camera dude!

Well done! But awww, now I have to buy one

Damn i had 153 entries :S but well now i am reading his comment under SLRlounge's post on facebook, I can say that Someone got the camera who really need it, at least not someone who already has Mark II, Mark III or D800, D3S .. oO hehe 

Congrats Matt :)  By the way guys what happens to the camera he doesn't choose? Can you please pick someone for that one too? :) PLEASEEE...

Congrats Matt!!! Enjoy!!! :)

Excuse me, may I have the other...

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Congrats!  Remember to have fun with it.  :D


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Anyone else read that as Mel Gibson?... No?...

All right guys, time to move on! The next giveaway is for the Nikon D3200 here:

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Nasim is a great friend of ours...talked to him a bunch this week; yes def enter into his contest for sure!

Im so sad right now...lol