New Gear Rumors as We Approach January and CES 2013

New Gear Rumors as We Approach January and CES 2013

PhotoRumors has a lineup from the Japanese magazine Impress' annual predictions of products to be released. The predictions include educated guesses and previously discussed products that will certainly come out, including news with Fuji's X-Trans sensor, Olympus' E-5 replacement, and a new Nikon with the D4 sensor!

Olympus is going to have a successor to the E-5 and I'm sure they will likely update quite a number of mirrorless products toward the end of the year, too.

Meanwhile, Canon is looking at high-resolution lenses, including some big telephotos that will finally see the light of day, like the 200-400 f/4L IS 1.4x, 800mm f5.6, etc. The mirrorless lens lineup for the EOS-M system should also expand alongside a new Rebel release.

They're also predicting a full-frame Sony NEX camera after the RX1 release, which would certainly be interesting to see (especially price-wise).

Something that excites me the most is a prediction for a D800-sized camera with the same sensor as the D4, but would that not cannibalize sales the same way the D700 did from the D3? Didn't Nikon learn that lesson (which is why we now have an unfortunate split in price and features between the D4 and D800)? I should shut up before Nikon remembers because something like this would be truly fantastic!

Fuji is predicted to release a new full-frame version of the X-Trans sensor, but like PhotoRumors, this seems unlikely due to the incompatibility of the XF mount with the 35mm frame. But if you've read my mirrorless posts before, you'll know that I'm a huge fan of the X-Trans technology and would pay almost anything to see a full-frame version (but sub-$2500 would be nice, Fuji). In any case, you can be sure to see more compact, full-frame cameras in the next 1-3 years. It's the way of the future, no doubt.

Finally, Pentax should release a new full-frame camera alongside a Ricoh-branded camera.

Via PhotoRumors

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I was expecting to see this year a body mixing the D800 and D4 and that didn't come so I just order a D600. If your prediction are correct, my wife will kill me :), she keep telling me to hold on and wait for this ideal body.
Anyway, I hope this body will come, it will be a fantastic piece of gear. Future will tell

Even if it does become a reality, I don't think it will be for a while. January and February will be the anniversary of the releases of the D800 and D4, and only recently have they been 'everywhere' in the sense that they can be found at virtually any major retailer (and even have come down in price a bit). So while next month could technically see a new body as we've been predicting, it likely won't be until much later. And few could wait that long to get a new body if it was really needed...I wouldn't be too worried...

Yes, I am waiting for it since forever.
D800 the follow-up of the D700 no way, still keeping D700 and D800 both in the bag. D800 was for me the follow-up of my D3X.
D800 plus 50mm 1.8, or with 85mm 1.4 are marvellous.
D700 is still my no-frills workhorse. Is am waiting and waiting and waiting for what I have been calling the D750 to my wife.



I quite like the speciality direction Nikon has taken with the D800 / D4 specializations!! but thats just me !