[Contest] You Choose The Most Epic Photo From Flickr

[Contest] You Choose The Most Epic Photo From Flickr

Two weeks ago we announced our latest Flickr contest sponsored by our friends at ClickPixx. The winner would receive a 30 x 40 inch wrap print to mount on their wall, and we thought a fitting contest theme would be "Epic." We narrowed down the entries to these top 9, but couldn't decide which one we liked the best. So we're leaving it up to you. Fstoppers of the world, vote for your favorite Epic image!

Of the photos below (shown in alphabetical order), which one do you think is truly epic? What makes your jaw drop? Gives you goosebumps? Which one truly wows you? Poll is open until Midnight Eastern Time on Friday March 9. We will announce the winner shortly thereafter. Cast your vote below!


Adam Czprynski


Elliot Gaston Montello


Henry Gunn


Jonathan Goforth


Josefi Robledo


Marcus Osterman


Oliver Suckling


Rob Mills


Ronaldo Stewart


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There is an image shown, Oliver Suckling, that does not have a vote option. I want to vote for him because it is the best actual photograph.

Thanks Jimmy. It's strange, Oliver is on the poll and you can see him after you vote, but he isn't showing on the poll right now. Trying to solve. 

There are some nice ones here for sure!

Except for Elliots. I've been seeing this one everywhere. At least we know he can fallow step by step

Was about to post the same link.

Well I would hope that you could see that I put a lot of hard work into it and didn't just use stock images, the girl in the photo is my partner Kelly Bond. I photographed her for the artwork and I digitally painted a lot of landscape. I did take inspiration from other photoshop artists and I always credit them and ask them what they think of it. I know Karim Fakhouy the artist that published that tutorial you have posted and he can tell you that my piece of art work in this post was out almost a year before that tutorial, (look at the dates) and that my image looks nothing like it? the Image was infect inspired Oswald Synectic. But thanks for taking an interest and the time to comment anyway :)

Nathan Drambareanu's picture

I think you meant to put this link.... its the actual tutorial. http://psd.tutsplus.com/tutorials/photo-effects-tutorials/the-making-of-...

Oliver Suckling's picture

Ah cool, excited to be in the final nine. Good luck everyone.

Nice work by all the photographers here. The first image is of lower falls in Yellowstone. Check out the same location shot with the Sigma SD1 46mpx camera. not my image, but captures the grandness of the location. http://www.flickr.com/photos/seng_merrill/6248446050/sizes/o/in/pool-155...@N22/

An awesome collection of images here! Thank you very much for considering mine, but I think my favourite is  Oliver Suckling's image "Climbing the Glacier" it really is pure epic! my vote goes to him :)

The thing about this contest that doesnt make sense is your asking for a photo that is Epic - are you asking for a photo or digital art? There is a line that should be drawn (no pun intended) between Photography and digital manipulation.

I asked for an epic image. I think you might be splitting hairs Warne :)

I read this blog daily for the photography - thus  I would think your asking for an "epic" image would be a Photograph. I might be splitting hairs - but when 98% of this blog is on Lighting and equipment, BTS footage and some amazing photgraphic artists -(keep up the great work by the way) - I was kind of hoping to see less manipulated photos make the cut. (not to take away from the great art of others - however there is a distinct difference between being a photographer and a graphic artist)

While the last photo is really cool, creative and generally awesome - its not epic in any way. Same goes for the 2nd shot. Someone above mentioned that its done with some tutorial, totally not epic. All nice choices nonetheless.