Fstoppers Contest: Win a 7D or D300s For The Best BTS Video

Thank you everyone for waiting patiently. Our contest is finally underway. In our attempt to inspire the photo and video community to begin creating BTS (behind the scenes) videos of their photography and video projects, we are giving away a new HD capable DSLR to the creator of the best BTS video. This contest will accept video submissions from today to August 1st. After August 1st we will choose our favorite 5 to 10 videos and allow the Fstoppers community to vote on their favorite video. The winner of this contest will get to choose a prize of either a new Canon 7D or a Nikon D300s.

This contest is not about creating the most flashy or well shot BTS video. Instead, we want you guys to focus on making your BTS video as informative and fun to watch as possible. A big factor in the success of your video will be the project itself meaning, if you are shooting a BTS of a photoshoot and the shoot itself is boring, your BTS video may not do very well. Try to come up with something creative and unique.

If you are shooting a BTS of a photoshoot please put the images from the shoot in the video. If you are shooting a BTS of a video project then you will have 2 videos (the finished project and the BTS).

The contest has 3 very simple rules:
1. The video must be created between now and August 1
2. The video must mention Fstoppers in it (verbally or in text form)
3. The video must be posted uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo and then posted on www.fstoppersforum.com

Patrick and I will be creating a video in next few weeks to inspire you guys (don't worry we are not putting ourselves in the contest). Now let's get off our lazy asses and go create!

Fstoppers.com Contest: Win A New Canon 7D Or Nikon D300s For Best BTS Video from FStoppers on Vimeo.

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Creative juices flowing!

Nothing like a free camera to help the creative juices ;)

looks like its gonna be a good contest, now I just need to GOMA and go shoot something!


great contest-- the only thing that sucks is that i'm going to have to use my normal video camera to shoot video of me shooting video on my DSLR. ha!

I understood the "contest" WAS to get to 1000 twitter followers and there would be a random drawing from those people. Maybe I misunderstood.

Patrick Hall's picture

Yes the contest is open to anyone world wide!

As for the twitter followers, we get asked this a lot for some reason. The 1000 twitter followers was a prerequisite for us to launch the contest. We wanted to make sure we had enough followers and readers to help spread the word of this contest. You can read what we posted before on the site at : http://fstoppers.com/we-are-giving-away-a-7d-or-d300s-as-soon-as/ and http://fstoppers.com/we-have-1000-followers-on-twitter-7dd300s-contest-i... I think it's quite clear that the contest was never meant to be only for the 1000 twitter people or a specific follower; it was just a precursor. Hope that clears everything up

Love it :)

I can't stop thinking about this video. Everything I see and everywhere I look I have an idea. I'm REALLY excited about this!

Hi, is this contest open to UK residents?

Does the BTS video have to consist entirely of BTS footage? I have interviews I will be shooting as part of BTS material for a short I worked on with a director friend of mine. I want to know if that would be suitable etc...

interviews would be great to include. Just remember that the video as a whole needs to be informative.

Hi, Is this a problem if my BTS video is french speaking ?

I live in Brazil, can I participate of this contest?

hey guys,

i have only one "making of" about one picture I made for fun (cowboys from hell). the funny thing is that it was filmed with a Nikon D90 while I was shooting with a D80 :)

hey guys,

i have only one "making of" about one picture I made for fun (cowboys from hell). the funny thing is that it was filmed with a Nikon D90 while I was shooting with a D80 :)


hey i wanna know if brazilian people can participate. thx cya!

Is there an age limit to this? And do we have to be professional photographers to enter? I'm 19 and I'm only an amateur.

Oh great, I have a whole 2 weeks. Somehow I always find these contests when it's just about to end.

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hi, my name is Florin. I'm a photographer in Toledo, Spain.
I just uploaded a contest entry on vimeo and I was wondering if I have to upload it to your site or you'll do that.

Patrick Hall's picture

Florin, Thanks for creating a video. You have to embed the video into a new thread over at the www.fstoppersforum.com website. You will have to comment on one post before you are able to create a new thread. Make sure you have it posted before the end of Saturday.

great prize

This is so amazing! Thanks for doing it.

So cool. Too bad that I don't have any skills

Too bad - I missed the contest - damn.

does it have to be on english? i'm danish, is that a problem?