LAST CALL! Enter Custom USB's Unique Wedding Photo Contest

LAST CALL! Enter Custom USB's Unique Wedding Photo Contest

Only 12 hours remain to enter Custom USB's Unique Wedding Photo Contest! Monday we will be putting the best images up for public vote, so get your entries in while you can!

Custom USB wants to get you away from CDs and DVDs when delivering finished wedding images to a client. Lables, stickers, printing- it's all a hassle! Instead, get affordable, beautiful, customized USB drives to give your clients. Great idea right? Now you can take this concept for a test drive and win 10 customized 16 GB drives and premium leather boxes ($320 value) by submitting your most unique wedding (or engagement) photo in your arsenal.

Here's how you enter to win:

1) Select your most unique wedding photo or image from an engagement session. What does "unique" mean? That it stands out from the stack. That in a room full of photos, you would gravitate to that one. Show us what you've got!
2) Upload your entry to this forum thread.
3) On Monday September 10, come back to Fstoppers to vote for your favorite of the finalists we select. The photo with the most votes will get 10 customized 16 GB drives and premium leather boxes.

Good luck! Check out the entries so far here.

Want to see the full line of options from Custom USB? Check them out here.

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From their page: "* Bride and groom sold separately." I have to clean up some coffee now...

Finaly some one else thinks of this, I've switched to USB drives insted of CDs a year ago they just offer so much more room to work with I also give discounts to clients who bring there drive back for there next shoot, an 4GB drive will hold a few years of family photos.

I'm in the back of this image carrying a softbox, so I like that shot.  Lee wins!