A New Year, A New Fstoppers Photoshop Contest

Last month we tested out our first ever Photoshop Contest, and it was a great success. So many readers participated that Think Tank has offered up prizes for at least 6 months of photoshop contests. This is your January challenge.

This month we challenge you to edit this basketball image from the Pocket Wizard TT5 Test Shoot. If you've watched the video then you know that fellow Fstoppers reader Jaymes Poudrier did a pretty fantastic job of editing my shots but I want to see what you can do. Feel free to manipulate this photograph any way you see fit, and on Jan 15th I will pick a winner. The reward is going to be a new Think Tank Disguise 70 Pro camera bag which is really great for quick on the go shooters. One word to the wise; there are no rules for this contest but I'm a fan of mainstream and marketable photographs. Anyone can participate but if you are outside of North America you will have to pay for any shipping or handling that Think Tank might encounter. Post all your images over at the January 2011 Photoshop Contest Forum and good luck!

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Is that a go pro on the top of the backboard?

Ha yes it is!

Nice! Is it yours? Get any good shots with it?

I've always wanted to try that at a game just for fun while I'm taking photos. Obviously during a real game it would have to be behind the backbaord, but I think it would be awesome!

No Destin we just found it up there :) Ha I wish, yeah did you not watch the video? We have some gopro 'goal view" shots. Wish GoPro would make a fast lens version of this hint hint

Haha I had to ask. I've seen guys leave remote cameras on backboards between games so I wouldn't have been that surprised.

I did watch the video but don't recall the shots. I'll have to go back and check it out again.

A fast lens version would be awesome. Isn't it already a 2.8 though? Thought that's what I read.. if so that aint bad for $300.

I'm going to give this one a crack, considering my main game is basketball.