Sony World Photo Awards 2018: Winners Announced

Sony World Photo Awards 2018: Winners Announced

Following 320,000 submissions from more than 200 countries and territories, the winners of the Sony World Photo Awards 2018 have been announced.After a record-breaking number of entries, the judges have revealed the 10 winners of the Open Awards, and 70 winners of the National Awards. The photographers will receive equipment from Sony and the winners of the Open Awards will go on to find out the overall winner on April 19 with a prize of $5,000 on offer.

Reflecting the global nature of the competition, the diversity of the photographs is striking. Winners range from intimate portraits, digital composites, stunning landscapes, and remarkable wildlife photographs. You can see some of my favorites below but be sure to check out galleries of all of the winners at the Sony World Photo Awards website. Alternatively, you can see them on display at Somerset House, London between April 20 and May 6.

Lead image: Crop of "Bread Carrier" by Nather AlAsyf, 2018
Kargily girl from Ladakh-Kashmir carrying bread for her family at early morning.Copyright: © Nather AlAsyf, Saudi Arabia, Commended, Open Culture and Winner, Saudi Arabia National Award, 2018 Sony World Photography Awards

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ron fya's picture

Some really great pictures here ! "one way forward" ; "under the mountain" & "until you wake up" are quite dazzling ! Congrats to the shooters !

Mikkel Beiter's picture

It's a shame you didn't include my winning photo in the travel category - National Award winner for Denmark as well :-)

Andy Day's picture

Definitely a shame! I'm sorry! I'm about to send you an email. :D

Mikkel Beiter's picture

Hehe no worries man! There’s a lot of great photos! I’ve seen your e-mail! I’ll return to you soon with an answer :D

Eric Salas's picture

Some of these are really fantastic and then some... I have no idea what the grading criteria is.
Honestly, I look to these types of awards to push photography further but I feel as if maybe I’m asking too much.