Submit Your Low Tech Uses for High Tech Gear and Win!

Submit Your Low Tech Uses for High Tech Gear and Win!

Ever had to use your high tech gear for a really low tech purpose?

B&H has an awesome contest for those of us who have ever had to use any of our high tech gear for a purpose that's not exactly what it's meant for! Submit your  funny videos today of how you use your gear in an unintended way and you could win the first prize of a Canon EOS 6D or a Nikon D600! If that's not enough, second prize is a Canon EOS Rebel SL1 or a Sony Alpha NEX 5R Mirrorless and Third Prize is a Canon Powershot S110 or Nikon CoolPix P330!

So if you've ever had to use a piece of gear in a crazy, weird or funny way, you'll definitely want to submit your video to the B&H "Tht's Not What It's Meant For" Contest and take a shot at winning some awesome camera gear!

Contest ends September 1st and the winners will be decided September 10th!

If you're interested in entering, visit the contest page HERE! for a link and introductory video! Good luck!

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Today I used a Broncolor Graffit pack and a Pulso G head for some extra light in the hair and makeup room after some fluro's went out in the ceiling!

Not going to post a video about it. But on several ovations I've used Hasselblad medium format camera to shoot drivers licens photos, just because I can.

Is it international?

I have recently used one of my umbrellas for…well, an actual umbrella while it rained.

Not sure if it qualifies as "high tech" but just a couple weeks ago I used a heavy-duty Promaster tripod as a battering ram to remove a corroded tire. Saved us from needing roadside assistance!

B&H says the contest ends September 9th. I think September 1st may be a typo?

Just used the flash shoe of my 5Diii to open a beer bottle. #cheers

now that's ingenuity ! :D