Voting For The Contest Winner

I know everyone who entered the contest is patiently waiting for the voting to begin and I wanted to give you all a quick update. We are going to take this week to continue to post our favorite contest entries on the front page. Then we plan to create a post that has every video submission in one post so that our readers can easily find and watch all of them.

We were then going to pick our favorite 5 videos and allow the community to vote on them. We got a lot of great submissions though so we may choose more than 5 favorites. To combat cheaters, the voting will be taking place on the forums and each member will get 1 vote only. We don't want this contest to be a popularity contest where whoever has the most friends wins. By having the poll on the forum we will be able to track votes and make sure that everything is fair.

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Great concept, well executed with minimal equipment. The video (and audio commentary) is clear and easy to follow with lots of information and concentrates on the project, not fancy video effects.

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This is definitely my choice for your contest winner. It includes many, many good tips and techniques. And, the quality of the contest video itself is top notch.

It's the WINNER!

Ugh, there must be some comment error. It doesn't seem like you guys meant to comment on this post.

Yes, I got mixed up which post I was commenting on - I will try the correct one now...

WOW! What a phenominal work, well explained, staged and executed! Spitfire is definite winner!
Thanks for sharing!