Winner of JOBY Strap Contest: Marcin Gruszka

Winner of JOBY Strap Contest: Marcin Gruszka

Marcin Gruszka is the winner of our JOBY Strap Giveaway with this awesome image. If this is how you have to strap a camera to yourself, you definitely need JOBY's help. Marcin, congrats! Send me an email to claim your prize.

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Congrats! Didn't the original post mention 3 prices (4 Straps for the winner and one each for the two runner ups)?

Hi Michael,
Actually, the winner got all the straps. It was a large giveaway for one person.

- The Winner takes it aaall! -

Sorry, had to!

thanks a lot, it's the first time I won something. Great Christmas gift :)

At least he went around the nipples

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I am sorry but I see just a stupid photo