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With Mike Kelley
Submit your best architectural images for a chance to win an Fstoppers original tutorial
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It's time to put forth your best architectural photos and see if you can impress one of the most well known architectural photographers in the world, Mike Kelley. For the next episode of Critique the Community, Lee and Mike will be giving feedback to 20 submitted images below. Submit yours and join the challenge. 

Mike has taught me more about architectural photography and light painting than anyone else. The techniques he teaches in his tutorials not only help in taking beautiful architectural images, they have improved my photography within other genres as well. With his extensive knowledege, Mike is extremely well equipped to provide feedback to the community's images. Post your best architectural image below and you may not only be selected to receive a critique, you also might win one of two Fstoppers original photography tutorials that we are giving away. The first winner will be based on the highest community rated image. The second winner will be a randomly chosen entrant. 

Make sure to scroll through and rate some of your fellow photographers images by using your arrow and number keys and see if your perception of a good image matches up with the rest of the community.

  • Submission Deadline: Tue, 10 Apr 18 03:45:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

  • Voting is closed.

  • 274 people have cast a total of 18,076 votes on 289 submissions from 181 contestants.
  • Congratulations to the winners!

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Am I allowed to upload more than just one image? Greets!


It would be helpful in future competitions to state in the rules how many submissions are allowed. The portrait comp was 3 and this one is 2, it would be good to know and help us decide what images to select. Thanks.

Well it does say before you upload only 2 submissions allowed.

Ok my mistake, must have missed that. I will look closer next time.

Does Cityscape count as Architectural?

Lot of cityscapes...

It appears to me the scores for photos in the contest get lower scores than they would get if they weren't in the contest. There are some good photos in here that are as good as any photos at the top of the Popular page, but have far less scores. I would be curious to see what the scores would be if only people NOT in the contest could vote on the contest... Just my opinion

Doesn't matter. The sample size is large enough, Even if the average score is lower, due to the number of people voting the best image is still going to be voted the best, the worst the worst. All the scores will be shifted down equally

I can't argue that the final result will probably be the same. You're right, it probably will be. However, isn't the point to get a true critique on your photo? When they pick their random 20 and make their video, aren't we asking them to give an honest critique? Or are we just trying to win a contest? My point is, there is a wide range in quality of photos, but if you just looked at the scores, you would think they're all basically the same.

I'd say the purpose of entering is to win the contest and maybe you get the benefit of having your photo featured and critiqued. There's plenty of places to post images to get a critique so I'd say that isn't the main focus of a photo competition. And as you said, they select the 20 randomly (I'm assuming they toss out most of the 1 stars though first) so the score doesn't really matter for that.

Fair enough.

Hi Nicholas. I can’t believe it. Is this true? Photos are selected randomly?

Maybe not random but they don't know what images are selected. The highest rated image is always shown first and given a tutorial and then Patrick chooses a random number and whenever that image comes up they also win a tutorial no matter how it was scored

Thanks a lot. To me is still a mistery how the 20 images are selected.

The whole of F-Stoppers is pretty brutal.

I've noticed this. I do think it's funny though considering how many people complain about how harsh the critique videos are. I honestly think their is biassed when it comes to photos because people don't want to give someone else a better score than what they thought they would get.

Sure. It's not a nice, nurturing place like but then again don't post stuff if you don't want to accept the criticism. I have a thick skin.

Don't misunderstand what I'm saying. I've been doing this a long time and have very thick skin when it comes to my photos. I honestly like hearing other's opinions, good or bad.

I do understand what you're saying. I was just pointing out that f-stopper is a harsher place than a lot of other communities. I'm not saying that's necessarily a bad thing.

I give plenty of 3 4 and even 5 stars I could care less if I don't win... I just give the love that picture gave me

This is how I approach it as well. I personally didn't give a 5 in this contest, but I gave several 4s.

I agree, but I have to say that on my part I gave a 2 stars rating to all the pictures that didn't fit the genre of the contest, There's a huge amount of pictures that are cityscapes or even just a picture that happens to have a building in it. That's not architecture photography so to me it shouldn't belong in the portfolio of an architecture photographer even though many of them were absolutely gorgeous pictures.

I understand this. I personally just skipped over the ones I thought didn't fit.


Aside from the ratings this is a very interesting discussion. Is the meaning of architecture photography to show the true intention of the architect or to maximize the commercial value of the property and make it as impressive as possible? In some cases the latter seems to be true on Fstoppers, especially in interior shots.

I guess both, but I really can't see as architecture photography a city-scape or the picture of an anonymous building, or a landscape with a bridge.

I did the same thing ;-/

When someone tells you in the comments they used a phone you have, by definition, to give them a one star. Is that right?


No? Is a phone picture not a snapshot?

Not if you don't want it to be. Tonnes of photographers (including f stoppers) have done videos on using an iphone to do a shoot involving models, lighting etc. Are those snapshots?

A snapshot is a picture that shows no photographic skills or thoughts behind it. The picture that my mom could take with her phone (no composition no attention to the light...) They've done a photocritique on "iphonography" that would have been all about snapshots

I don't think it's automatically a snapshot. There are a few photographers that can do amazing work with a phone. I do think they are the exception though.

When choosing a star rating what affects your decision?

I hate; grain, borders and bad vertical lines.

I honestly can't answer this. I just know when I see the photo for the most part. I do hate over HDR though.

Good question, but sometimes hard to answer. For me and this particular critique it is like this.

If a thumbnail makes me stop and click on it then it is usually 2 stars. If the larger image reveals professionally finished and "on topic" photo it is usually 3 stars. If I do WOW after opening a larger image it is usually 4 stars (after some time to study the photo obviously). I did not experience a 5 star reaction yet, so unfortunately I can not describe it.

Some images looks good for the first couple seconds, but after a while I sometimes find elements or mistakes which I do not like. As mentioned previously by others there are many pictures in each FS critique which are far from the topic, but still receive high stars. I believe each person will rate an image differently based on the visual emotions, skill level, knowledge in the field, photographic experience, etc. It is the nature of the rating, I guess.

Did I miss the rating video? Or isn’t it out yet?

That's what I was thinking, seems to be a little late.

Maybe Mike is not available at the moment. I believe it is worth to wait for this particular critique.

Also the fstoppers team are in Pategonia with Elia it seems. Not sure if that has any effect on proceedings.

I was thinking the same thing.....

guys keep voting

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