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The community has voted, the tutorial winners have been chosen, and Lee and Mike Kelley have sat down to give their feedback to 20 architectural images submitted by Fstoppers members. Here are the results.

Congratulations to Sherwin Magsino for submitting the highest rated image and Dos Imagery for being the randomly selected entrant to win a tutorial. We will be in touch through your Fstoppers profile to claim your prize. If you want to learn more about architectural photography from Mike Kelley, check out his tutorials in the Fstoppers store

If you missed your chance to participate in this episode of Critique the Community, our next submission post is open now. Although we recently featured landscape photography, Lee and Patrick are now traveling with Elia Locardi for the next iteration of Photographing the World so we are offering the community another chance to submit their best landscape photos to be critiqued by Elia himself. 

  • Submission Deadline: Tue, 10 Apr 18 03:45:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

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Guys, I love the critique honestly and I'm sure this takes a lot of time from your work, but for example, in this critique, I think it should've been mandatory to state the location and building so you could beforehand check some pictures of the building.

So we could go and check also and see what it looks like or what it is...

My picture isn't in Europe is in Panama Latin America and is a Frank Gehry Museum

Glad to learn more about this building which I did not know much about. I also fully admit that I think most other countries are a bit ahead of America when it comes to pushing boundaries with architecture - which seems extremely conservative with regard to its architecture. One need look no further than 1WTC for evidence of this - our flagship snoozefest! Thankfully we do have some players injecting some new life into architecture in America, which has been pretty stagnant since the economic crisis.

I would also like to do a more 'in depth' critique, where we pick images ahead of time with intent of looking at them from a purely architectural photography point of view. I only came in to the studio with the images pre-selected. Maybe for the next one we can pick the images ahead of time, as a critique of commissioned architectural photography - or something like that. In this case I'd love to know more about each project, the architect, the intent of the photographer, etc.

sadly I had a more close up image of the museum in the contest


if you read the description I state why I did a close up of that particular area, it has a neat effect.

I went to that specific museum and took that photo in particular, because it was explained to me by the lead civil engineer from the Gehry foundation, it is like a little easter egg from Gehry.

Also you said you wanted to see more from its surrounding and I totally agree (with the photo you critiqued), but i just managed to take only 1 picture with the drone as it was required to get a special permission by the museum and the office was closed by the time I decided to go.

you can check it here:


I really like you guys taking your time to help us improve, I don't do this for a living I just love photography and want to improve myself

I am really stunned by the photos that have been submitted. They are indeed absolute eye-catchers. Judging by the aspect of composition, I would agree of them all to be perfect. Yet I do also note that the community in its majority has also voted for images whose look often share a sort of artificial quality. Most of the top-rated images, in their perfection and cool elegance, have a strong resemblance to those created with ray-tracing software. To my taste, they lack a certain natural "athmosphere".

I absolutely agree with you, there is a definite trend within photography communities to emulate the 'perfect' image, with bright colors, lots of dynamic range, nothing in shadow, nothing blown out. I would certainly like to see more creativity when it comes to variation in the final image.

Hey, thanks for critiquing my photo. As noted in the video, it was more in the vein of fine art, rather than a pure "architectural" photo. I was very flattered by your comments! I would be thrilled if you took a brief look at my Flickr photostream: https://www.flickr.com/photos/davidstrom/

These are awesome.

Mike, you ever come to Boston at all?

Was there last year for a bit. Grew up on the north shore, ex Red Sox season ticket holder!

when is the next architectural critique?

I can’t seem to find the link to see the next challenge and how participe. First time so I don’t know where to go =\
Already look for a bit on the website without success

For the winning image. Mike Kelley said it looks like (?????) meets Erik Almas. Could you name the other photographer again.

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