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Submit your best image taken with a constant light for your chance to win a free Fstoppers tutorial
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An unfortunate turn of events when filming makes this episode of Critique the Community one of the most concise we've filmed. Despite that, do you think the comments Lee and Patrick made are fair?

Congratulations to our two winners. Chase Wilson submitted the highest average community rated image and Eric Dany submitted the image that was randomly chosen to win. I will be in touch with both of you to claim your prize. 

If you would like to partcipate in the next episode of Critique the Community, we will be having a special guest on the show. Submit your wedding images HERE within the next two days to participate

  • Submission Deadline: Thu, 02 May 19 03:45:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

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. . where have all the comments gone?. . la la la lalala

I'm wondering the same thing.

I feel that a lot of the comments about Lee and Patrick were harsh in the last video. They judged fairly.

Chase was right.........rules don't apply anymore................Where was the hotlight...........??? Half of the images chosen don't adhere!!!.................Hell just ask for images, no themes, genres, topics or leitmotifs.

I would like Chase to respond because for something like this each image has to be submitted with honestly.

Most of these images seem to be lit with hotlights (or lights other than strobes/flash). There are only a few that are suspect. Which ones do you think are lit with strobe?

My comment was not about Mr Wilson's image but the selections of the images...........After viewing several of your critiques I find that quite a few images that do not meet the themes presented are selected which I find .......annoying.

I've submitted very few images to your critiques only because........I don't have anything to submit that would qualify.

Don't misunderstand my post. I enjoy the contests and will rate them as best I am able but I rate them based on the theme presented will not rate anything but "1" that does come close to meeting those themes. Fstoppers does't seem to follow their owe rules........why should I.

Respectfully submitted.

In my defense, the one light I did use was the modeling lamp. But yes most of the photos submitted didn’t use hot lights.

Most people in photography don’t purchase constant lights. It’s really a video production tool. But in all intent and purpose they’re functionally just super weak strobes (like the modeling lamps).

To answer you question directly, the modeling lamp was used for a rim-light on the subject. It was the model lamp because the color and power matched the ambient light/practices in the room. A strobe burst was too strong and cool.

Look at the subjects left arm for a shadow cast by her shirt.

Like Patrick said, I see these as being governed by the honor system. My (in poor taste) joke about the rules not mattering, was in regards to the seamless challenge, where the rules said shot on seamless; and Patrick said he interpreted that as “save to replace the background” or “shot on a simple background”. And I was making a quip about how the rules were open for a more broad interpretation.

Whoa........your submission needs no defense, at all............Your post on your image submitted was........"Seeing as how the rules don't matter anymore".

After following these themed contest and having images selected that do not even come close to matching have been frustrating. Hence my post.
Your image was and is solid. I apologize if you were lead to otherwise.

The point I was trying to make was that the images should match the themes or eliminate the themes. Either follow the rules or get rid of the rules. Otherwise hypocrisy abounds.........

Pretty happy that my photo made it to the critique anyway. I shot the Audi at 25:00. Thanks for your advice.

The sun is hot, so I guess that counts. 😁

Thanks for the critique and I feel guilty in all points :-) (But I still love the hand pose)

Hey Guys, thanks for the review! My shot was the B&W shot at around 22:50 in the interesting "set", not only a review of the photography skills and editing, but my modeling ability ...blank stare (yeah it's a self portrait). My focus was on the room probably more so because of the history, relevance, location.... and being enamored by it, this was taken in West Hollywood at a motel room that has become a fan shrine to Jim Morrison of the Doors,it's so f'ing L.A. of that era (most graffiti on the walls has references to him). He stayed and lived here often when recording and hanging in the neighborhood, up the street from the Doors offices and down from the original Barney's Beanery (his hangout, drinking spot). I do like the crop idea, and bringing back the shadows. This has been one of my most awarded shots .... as a finalist in many competitions, so I'm happy it's garnered so much attention. As to the scores, I use to like Lee better, but now its Patrick! :) anyway Thanks! I enjoy the critiques no matter how bad you miss the mark. :)

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