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Valentine's Day Love

Submit your best image with a love or romantic theme for a chance to win a free Fstoppers tutorial.
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Lee and Patrick sat down to critique a wide variety of images with the theme of "Valentine's Day love." How do you feel about the ratings of this weeks selections? 

Congratulations to our two winners of the free Fstoppers tutorial. Anton Calpagiu submitted the highest community rated image and Guillermo Pagano was the randomly selected entrant to win. We will be in touch with both of you via your Fstoppers profiles to claim your prize. 

If you missed your chance to participate in this episode, join us in the next one by submitting images that fit the theme of "strength."

  • Submission Deadline: Thu, 21 Feb 19 04:45:00 +0000

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Hi Guys! One note on your video: if you use PIP, please place them to the left of the screen. It´s better in the way you read the information (i.e. the talking heads on the left and the picture being talked about to the right of that). Thanks!

I have not yet submitted any images for critique in any of your contests, but I did leave one very long (hopefully constructive) critique of my own on one of the photos that didn't make the video (the comment was erased, presumably by the user), and it occurs to me that there could (and I would argue should) be more critiquing of one another's work in these contests, rather than the "submit and scarper" modus operandi that seems to be the norm. So if you agree with me, then possibly encourage that in future videos.

Thanks for the work your doing.

All the best :-)

So the picture with the rings is mine and I shot it at f9 with shutter speed 1/10 of a second. The depth of field was intentional because I wanted to bring the focus on the wedding date.

I did that right before the wedding and I had to give the rings back to the couple.
I wanted to try something different that I saw somewhere on the internet a while ago. The clients were very happy :-)

And thanks for the critique and for featuring it in your video!

Thank you guys for the critique. I took the photo of mother daughter in the flower field. Don't know if you guys read this but here's the explanation for your very accurate critique. I took the picture with a Nikkor 24-85 f 5.0. There was a lot of layers of flowers so the Bokeh was natural not painted on (front or back). My flash fail that day so I couldn't fill in the shadows and I had no helper to use my reflector. All critiques were otherwise spot on. Btw the skies were very pail so I enhanced the color a bit, maybe I went too far.
Thanks guys.

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