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For this next contest/critique, we want to see your best wide-angle photos. There is some debate as to what exactly "wide-angle" entails, but for the sake of this critique, we want to see images taken with a wider field of view than 23mm on a 35mm full-frame camera. It's also extremely common to see wide-angle images taken of landscapes but we want to see perspective warping in your submissions. This means that at least one element of your shot needs to be fairly close to the camera. 

Each photographer is allowed to submit up to three photos and the highest-rated, and one randomly chosen submission will both with a free tutorial from the Fstoppers Store


Cover photo by Manuel Estacio

  • Submission Deadline: Fri, 22 May 20 17:45:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

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Lee Morris's picture


Robbie Keene's picture

How do I add that. I've already entered.

Julian Turton's picture

just go to your image and make a comment.

Ruth Carll's picture

When you go to put in a comment, look for the three little dots at the upper right. Click on these. You will get the option to edit your original post or delete it.

Jono Hartley's picture

Is 35mm on a crop sensor okay?

Matthijs Bettman's picture

No 23mm or lower for DX

strahlenrausch's picture

I think no -> because they talk about wider than 23mm on a fullframe Sensor. That is round about 14mm on a Crop Sensor (APS-C -> factor 1.6). On a Crop Sensor if you are 14mm or less it fits perfect here.
Thats waht I think correct me if I am wrong

stuartcarver's picture

On mine 16mm is 24mm equivalent so you would probably need to be on 15mm APS-C or below.. i have however snuck a 16mm shot into the contest as the actual equivalence rates are that much of a mess its near enough.

Ruth Carll's picture

The banner image is spectacular!

Mike Martin's picture

We need to come up with some kind of rule to stop people giving photos that are clearly not snapshots 1 star, it's really disheartening that so many sad bottom feeding morons feel the need to do this

Dale L.'s picture

these people have high standards i suppose, as long as they rate tough to all the photos they rate, it should not be a problem since there will be people that rate too high as well ...should all even out in the end :)

Mike Martin's picture

The star ratings here have definitions, voting 1 star for photos that are obviously not just snapshots is pathetic. The photo I have submitted to this contest is shit I admit, but it is a 2 on the fstoppers scale, it literally can’t be a 1 by definition. On the last contest I had a 200mm focus stacked macro image that loads of people voted 1*! It’s disheartening, counter-productive and nasty.

Mark Phillips's picture

Mike try not to be disheartened by it - people just down rate other images to try and make theirs rate higher. Try and ignored the ratings and just do what you love and always be open to learning and improving! Personally I think your images are awesome and original so you get a thumbs up from me! Cheers

Qais Zureikat's picture

Agree with you Bud...i see it happen to many beautiful shots, same to myself, i had a shot just posted i got 2 votes first 4 stars the next 1 star and thats just one instance..i guess we have tough critiques here :)

Graham Moon's picture

In addition I think that if someone is giving a rating of 2 'needs improvement' then they should say what improvements they think it needs.

Montana Strait's picture

Bummer! the 24mm pancake lens from canon is a great little guy that fits the APS-C only.

Trevor Parker's picture

Serious question for nikon users. Is it still worth it to buy a nikon 14-24 f2.8, or has the Tamron 15-30 dethroned the king?

stuartcarver's picture

If I was shooting Nikon DSLR I’d get the 16-35 all day long, it takes filters for a start, and Adam Gibbs manages to boss it

Brett BARCLAY's picture

Unless you plan to do a lot of astro work, a 16-35 will work perfectly. And the filter options are so much better. Tamron makes a good lense as well, but I don't have any hands on experience with that one.

Josh Sanders's picture

I opted for the Sigma Art 14-24 f/2.8 and love it--though it's not without its downsides. It comes in significantly cheaper than the Nikon and produces great images. The thing is a monster, both in size and weight--a huge pain to take with me on backpacking trips and such. It also requires a bulky and expensive filter system, similar to the Nikon equivalent. I largely got it so I could play around with astro on camping trips without bringing a dedicated lens--so in that sense it might actually save me a little space and weight. I do also enjoy having the additional few stops for low-light situations and shallow DOF shots, though those are more specialized shots and few and far between on most landscape trips.

Really, I think it comes down to use cases--if you're not doing astro and don't intend to do many shallow DOF shots, then it's probably not necessary. Might be nice to have an extra 1-2mm at the wide end, but I think for almost every situation the 15-30 or 16-35 will be plenty wide.

Trevor Parker's picture

I’ve actually been pretty interested in the sigma art 14-24 as well but haven’t had the chance to try it out. I’ve only ever heard good things about it.

Josh Sanders's picture

Yeah, worth a look if you’re considering the Nikon equivalent. Every time I use it, it reinforces two things for me—that I’m very happy with my purchase, and that, due to the size and weight, my next system is definitely going to be mirrorless!

Joyce Sabin's picture

Is there a time frame for this contest that this image must shot within

Marshall Hall's picture

Nope. You can choose any photo you've taken in the past as long as its taken with a wide angle.

Ruth Carll's picture

My goodness this is quite a contest! Normally, in my opinion, the CtC contests draw in a handful of truly awesome 5 star images, a bunch of really good 3 & 4 star ones and another bunch of 2 star ones - many of which are just due to stretching for the theme but are still good work. (I don't think that there are ever snap shots so no 1 star for me.)

This topic, however, seems to be bringing out the best in everyone! There are soooo many great images here. I am so impressed with the overall body of work! I just wanted to give a group shout out. Nicely done!

Mark Rowe's picture

Sorry... I’ve just posted an image (cathedral ceiling shot)... The very first vote.... 1 star, snap shot.... I know this is normally mentioned with every critique, but whoever voted that one star, can they explain to me how this is a ‘snap shot’? I’m genuinely interested in your critique :-)

Jon Zumalabe's picture

Trully not a snapshot Mark! Very nice job!

Honestly I´m more and more disapointed with the behavior I´m seing in the latest critiques. You get solid average rates in your photos and you clearly see that some votes are intentionally a 1 to decrease your average rate. I don´t expect to win anything here, but I would expect some honest voting at least, if not, what is the goal of posting your photos for these critiques?

Mark Rowe's picture

I agree, Sir! Well said! :-)

Pedro Pulido's picture

i know this happens in all the Critique the community contest. it is indeed a shame.
Because most photographers can't take critiques very well, i've changed my voting lately.
I only rate 3 stars or above. If they're 1 or 2s, i simply don't vote on them.
There are a lot of snapshots in these critiques, but also loads of amazing 4 and 5 star images.
It's a shame people are not fair with the ratings just because they want to be featured or win.

Stefan Gonzalevski's picture

I agree and I do the same about voting.

Ko Eto's picture

I'm very new (just signed up last week) here and this is my very first time participating on photo contest.
All my three photos got less than 2stars with no comment or feedback(I got one).
I didn't know this was such an high standard contest...

Pedro Pulido's picture

hey mate, don't get too caught up with the scores. just participate for the sake of it. A lot of people that compete don't rate the pictures accurately because they want to win. But anyway, the standard is extremely high in this community. So just keep on participating. Have a good day

Marshall Hall's picture

Well said ^

Ruth Carll's picture

Welcome Ko Eto! If you are looking for dialog and comradery, find a few groups to join. You'll get collegial and constructive feedback and it is really enjoyable. There isn't community critique here and, honestly, I don't know what is up with the voting. But it is what it is and we keep coming back. The feedback for the few that are chosen for critique by Lee and Patrick is interesting. Don't be dismayed and please join a few groups. If you are interested in anything Minimal, Abstract and Experimental, this group is very team-oriented and varied. A great group. Novices to experts are all welcome.

PS - Your profile is lovely!!

Ko Eto's picture

Thank you very much for your comment and suggestion Ruth Carll. I’ll find a few group and join them!

Mark Rowe's picture

There really are some exceptional images in this contest 👏

Rajasekaran Sr's picture

Give me one reason why should I rate your picture above 2???. It's a long exposure capturing the lightning. Where is the composition??? No sharp foreground. All you want me to looks is the lightning bolt which can be captured by anyone with a tripod and a dslr. Stop being a looser calling everyone donkey and look at other images that has better ratings.

stuartcarver's picture

Whilst Michael's comment might be a bit strong.. you have literally created an account just to say this, then have the cheek to call someone else a loser (looser means something else completely).

Rajasekaran Sr's picture

yea i have the cheek to call him looser when he is bold enough to call fellow photographers a donkey. and i have no reason to create an account to say this cuz his comment means nothing to me. people like this guy post pics and expects higher ratings. when he dont gets it he will scream as he wants in a community forum???. and you want me to keep encouraging a guy who calls others donkey?

Alejandro Ilukewitsch's picture

Well i dont know if one star is fair, but honestly dont expect much more... Have you seen the rest of the landscapes posted here? One of your pictures has extreme saturated colors, (information is clipped), the one of the harbor is just lighting with no real subject, and the botton half doesnt really add much, (underexpose and horizon seems to be tilted)... I am not much of a landscape photographer, actually i dont do landscapes, but when you start to see the rest of the landscape images shared you can somehow see why will someone rate the image 1. Dont get me wrong i am not saying your images are terrible... but they are going against some very good ones.

Michael Rocktaeschel's picture

Hi Michael, I took the time to give you some feedback on your pictures. In general I always think about what is the MAIN subject and is everything else in the frame adding to it or distracting from it. Things which ADD to the scene should be emphasized, things which DISTRACT should be removed from it. It's that "simple" ;-)

Pedro Pulido's picture

Hi Michael. just a couple of words although i have not voted on your image.

First, there's absolutely no need to be aggressive. Overall this community is quite chill and filled with nice people so please don't be "on the darkside"... there's no need for it at all.

second, i did not vote but your image is a 2 in my opinion. and here's why. It's just a lightning... the foreground is not clean at all and also not interesting IMO. It also doesn't seem to really be in focus...
It needs quite a bit of work to belong in a portfolio. But that thunder is awesome! well done capturing it.

third, with the current vote system, all images suffer of "idiot 1star" votes, not just yours. I have one star votes ALL THE TIME and i don't really care to be honest.

fourth, please remember, photograph for yourself before you photograph to others or for others.

Have a good day and please don't take my critique the wrong way. It's way more important thay you enjoy your image than everybody else.


Ash Chynoweth's picture

Make voting results public. Too many dickheads giving rubbish ratings to great images, as always.

Lynne Guenther's picture

They know they could fix it if voting were public

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