Sony a7R V: Is It the Best Alpha Yet?

The a7R V is the first AI-based camera from Sony. It has a dedicated AI processing chip, deep-learning algorithms, human pose detection, 8 stops of IBIS, and 61 megapixels of resolution. But is it really the best Alpha ever?

Can the a7R V Claim the Title?

With new innovations like a dedicated AI-processing unit, four-axis flip screen, and much improved IBIS, is the Sony a7R V the best Alpha ever made? That may be a loaded question, and it depends on what's important to you!

Game-changing Innovations?

Sony has introduced some exciting new innovations in the a7R V, including a newly developed four-axis flip screen, improved IBIS, and an updated AI-based autofocus system. The a7R V's AI processing chip uses human pose estimation, which leverages deep-learning algorithms to detect and track human subjects. 

Hybrid creators will be happy to know that 8K video is more accessible now, thanks to the improved video specs of the a7R V. With a much improved IBIS system, the active stabilization on the a7R V can finally achieve smooth and stable walking shots. It features eight stops of combined image stabilization (sensor and digital), which is the highest level of image stabilization available on any Alpha camera. 

New Subject Detection AI

Tracking of humans, birds, and animals all benefit from the dedicated AI processor on the a7R V, and new subjects have been added for autofocus tracking, including cars, trains, airplanes, and, for the first time, insects.

The subject detection on the a7R V offers the most options for subject detection and autofocus tracking, giving it another point as the best Alpha camera on the market.


The a7R V finally introduces facial registration and prioritization during video, a feature which has long been available with stills shooting and is a much-welcomed refinement for video creators and filmmakers. Individual faces can now be stored and prioritized for video autofocus tracking in crowded scenes, giving filmmakers the ability to isolate and track important characters in a shot, even if other characters or bystanders step in front of the camera. 

Best Alpha Display Ever?

The a7R V has managed to satisfy both the photography purists and hybrid video-makers, with its innovative, four-axis, flip-screen design. Not only is it physically larger and more vibrant, but it also has the added benefit of being both a tilt-out and flip-out screen. 

What Do the Pros Think?

Check out this review of the a7R V from Los Angeles based filmmaker Armando Ferreira. He discusses some of his favorite new features, shares his usability experience, covers some notable specs, and gives us an interesting critique on some of the aspects of the a7R V that still have some room for improvement.  

What Do You Think?

What do you think? Has the Sony a7R V earned the coveted title of "Best Alpha" in the Sony full frame mirrorless lineup? Share your perspective in the comments below!

Images used with permissions of Armando Ferreira.

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Enjoyed the review. The A7R V is on my wish list

Awesome Brian! It's definitely a very capable camera, and potentially the best Alpha yet ;)

I've had the camera for about a month now and it is indeed a great camera! I love the resolution and the better than expected low light performance. Low light performance is almost as good as my A7 III.

That's great to hear Brian! Glad you're enjoying your A7RV :) It's a powerful and capable camera for sure!