5 Photography Deals You Don't Want To Miss

Photography and Videography are expensive hobbies/professions but we do our best to help you save when we can. Today I scoured B&H, eBay, and Amazon for the best photography deals and I've found 5 different sales that you may want to check out. 


Fujifilm X-Pro1 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 27mm and 35mm Lenses Kit


Retail: $1849.85

Current price: $900

The Fuji X-Pro1 has become one of the most popular mirrorless cameras of all time. Professional shooters are jumping ship on the standard DSLR and many are moving to a 100% Fuji system. Right now you can save $900 on an X-Pro 1 kit that comes with a 27mm and 35mm lens. 


Refurbished Nikon D610


Retail: $1,996.95

Current price: $1149.99

I personally am not ready to move to a mirrorless system and that is why I am a very happy Nikon shooter. If you're interested in saving a few hundred bucks, check out this deal on eBay for refurbished bodies. 


USB 3.0 Hub 10-Port with 12V/4A Power Adapter

Retail: $44.99

Current price: $29.99

If you're a professional photographer/videographer I can almost guarantee that your computer doesn't have enough USB inputs. Even if you have a monster desktop with 20 ports, trying to plug them in behind the tower under your desk is a pain. Get this USB 3.0 powered hub and add super fast and convenient USB ports to your desk. 


50W 10A 6-Port USB Wall Charger

Retail: $59

Current price: $12.99

If you're anything like me, you have a ton of USB powered devices to charge every day. I have the USB hub attached to my desktop (above) but I also need a charger to travel with and to keep beside my bed. This USB charger is able to charge multiple devices with totally different amperages. This means that low powered devices like your phone and high powered devices like your tablet will safely charge at the fastest possible speed. at $12.99 it's a no brainer. 


2 pack Lexar 128GB Professional 150MB/s 

Retail: $329

Current price: $125.99

Need some memory? The prices keep droping and the capasities keep rising. These Lexar SD cards are an incredible deal at just $125 for two 128gb 150MB/s cards. This bundle is currently $5 less on Amazon but I cannot recommend Amazon for memory cards. In the past I have been sold fake memory cards on both eBay and Amazon and it's almost impossible to prove that they are fake because they look identical. Slow speeds and card errors will eventually make you wish you had bought them from BH. 


Fstoppers FlashDisc

Retail: $49.99

This isn't a sale but it is a bit of inside information. We have completely sold out of FlashDiscs in the US. The last place to get legitimate Fstoppers FlashDiscs is B&H. I'm not sure how many more units they have or how long they will last but once they sell out, it will be quite some time before they become available again. If you are in the European Union we still have some inventory available in Amazon UK





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Prefers Film's picture

Nope, nothing I need here. Besides, I already grabbed a FlashDisc.

Lauchlan Toal's picture

Those SD cards are a great price, thanks for the heads up Lee. I've found Sandisk cards to hold up better, but at that price I might give Lexar a second chance.

Ariel Martini's picture

X-Pro1 deal is awesome, $900 is the price of the lens alone. but it's sold out.

Cornelius van Schaarn's picture

What, never any deals for us europeans?

Lee Morris's picture

Sorry, being that I don't live over there I wouldn't even know where to begin to look.

Cornelius van Schaarn's picture

This was more of a general comment, don't worry; I think it's cool that you found some deals for the gringos. But you guys have european writers too, maybe they could post similar articles? After all I am sure that the EU is a great source of web traffic for Fstoppers, isn't it?

Thomas Hansen's picture

I have never understood supply and demand. Obviously there is a demand for the flash disc, why would they take quite some time before they are available again? Why aren't they constantly being produced?