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B&H Deal: 25% Off Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 Pancake Lens

B&H is running a pretty good deal on the Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 pancake lens right now. It is regularly priced at $199 and now can be purchased for only $149. We are unsure as to how long this deal will be going on so take advantage of it now if you have been in the market for this lens or patiently waiting for a nice sale to pop up.The Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM Lens is one of the more recent releases from them. It is well known for it's small size and light weight. You can put this lens on and Canon body that allows for an EF lens to be mounted. The size of the lens makes it perfect for anyone looking to just get a smaller setup for quick pictures on a vacation or trip without having to whip out the full on DSLR setup. 

B&H Lens Details

  • Newly developed STM technology for smooth and quiet continuous AF while shooting video (continuous video autofocus only supported with EOS 70D, Rebel T4i and T5i cameras).
  • Lightweight and unobtrusive 4.6 oz lens is less than one inch long.
  • Bright f/2.8 aperture is effective in low light situations and provides shallow depth of field focus control.
  • High image quality from the center to the periphery thanks to its advanced lens configuration including one aspherical element.
  • Optimized coatings that minimize ghosting and flare while providing exceptional color balance
  • A circular 7-blade aperture for beautiful soft-focus backgrounds
  • Short minimum focusing distance of only 11.81"
  • Mounted on a camera with an APS-C sensor, this lens offers a view similar to a 64mm lens in the 35mm format.

For anyone who has a passion for video, the STM technology helps greatly if you have an EOS 70D, Rebel T4i, or T5i camera. The STM technology allows for this camera to do continuous video autofocus without making a lot of sound. For anyone that has tried some lens without that, they can recognize that sometimes the lens focus can ruin the audio, especially if you do not have an audio device recording off the camera if you are just trying to get footage on a vacation or trip.

Overall, this lens has received a lot of good reviews. With over 580 reviews on B&H and a 4.5 star average rating out of 5, it seems as if people are truly happy with their purchase. For the sale price of only $149, I would definitely take a look at this lens and consider adding it to your bag.

View more information on this sale at the official B&H product listing page here.

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Andrew Griswold's picture

Dang, wanted to grab this lens for the longest time but never did. Quite the appealing price tag there too. Thanks for sharing buddy!

Spy Black's picture

Is there a new optical formula in there as well? It appears so from the explanation. I occasionally work in a studio here they use what must apparently be an older version of this lens on Mk IIs, and it had serious chromatic aberration as you ventured out toward the edges of the frame. Really nasty. Made me wonder why Canon would put a lens like that out in the first place. I'll have to assume this lens may have addressed that issue.

Mac G's picture

Consider this the best lens cap you have. It is a good focal length, always ready for photo & video and will not increase the footprint size of the camera in your bag. I love this lens, and I find it to be sharp and handy. It is great for street photography. I took this photo while hiking and was not worried about breaking it or dealing with a bigger lens.

Jaron Schneider's picture

When I first tested this lens, I hated it. I later bought a new one and I just use it between f/4 and f/8 and it works great.

Jordan W's picture

Canon is running a $50 rebate with certain retailers right now on a bunch of products. I bought this lens at Adorama for the same price a week ago.

Anonymous's picture

This is a great lens for APS-C sensors, not so much for full frame.