Buy The Panasonic GH5 For 25% Off Right Now

Buy The Panasonic GH5 For 25% Off Right Now

The Pansonic GH5 is our video camera of choice. We currently own five of them and I've considered buying a sixth. Today only, you can buy one for 25% off

If you're in the market for an incredibly powerful still/video camera in an ultra small package, look no further than the GH5. We love them because the micro four thirds system is super small and easy to travel with, the stabilization internally makes shooting handheld a breeze, and the retail price at $2000 is extremely reasonable. After being out for less than a year, the GH5 is currently being sold for 25% off on eBay. Keep in mind that this is not an authorized seller and you will not be getting a Panasonic warranty but you will get a 1 year sellers warranty through eBay. Warranties are great, but it's certainly not worth $500 in this case. Enjoy the deal before it expires

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David Love's picture

Been thinking about getting one for a while but the extra cost of lens or metabones adapters worries me. Or the fact that the 5d mark 4's auto focus is so good I might miss having it. Especially with a glidecam. Then again it has no focus assist which is why I hate manual focus on it in the first place. But mostly the 720 slo mo just sucks and that would be one of the perks for me to get one. That and a better codec that doesn't take an hour to dump files to computer.

continuous AF is worthless but we've never used it before so we don't know what we are missing. The stabilization alone is so good though that I don't ever want to use another camera.

Scott Stebner's picture

How do you manage gimbal shots without AF? Have a tutorial on that somewhere?

We just prefocus and then Try to remain the same distance from the subject.