Deal Alert: Nikon Lenses Now on Sale

Deal Alert: Nikon Lenses Now on Sale

More sales were announced today on B&H, now including some of Nikon's most sought-after lenses. All three of the "holy trinity" lenses are included, plus many more worth checking out.

Along with Sony dropping prices today, Nikon is starting a sale of their own for select lenses. "Select" lenses usually makes it sound like there's nothing but bargain bin products, but in this case we have plenty of professional-grade glass to pick up. If you're ready to fill out your camera bag, check out all the discounts listed below.

Help us out and let us know what lens listed above you couldn't live without.

Lead image by SCR3AMFR3AK via Pixabay.

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The 24-70 is still too expensive -_-