Eight Crazy Lighting Deals

Eight Crazy Lighting Deals

If you're trying to add to your lighting kit or get started with lighting for the first time, these are the deals for you.

For the next few weeks, B&H has a bunch of incredible deals on lighting. Personally, I'm eyeing that Elinchrom ELB 500 kit. I've been wanting to check one of those out for some time now. It will fit in nicely with my aging Quadra and Digital RX kits. Though, if you're just starting out, I'd check out the Interfit HoneyBadger or Interfit S1 (battery-powered Profoto B1 alternative). Both are really great lights and more than enough for most users looking to learn the ropes. They sport a Bowens style mount, which seems to be everywhere these days. This means you can find an abundance of affordable accessories. 

Additionally, if you're looking for the top of the line, the Broncolor Para 133 is over $800 off! Seriously good deals here people! Don't forget to use the Promo code "LIGHT." If you don't use it, you'll have to settle for an ordinary good deal as opposed to an extraordinary one. 

Interfit S1 500Ws HSS TTL Battery-Powered Monolight  

The Interfit S1 is a fantastic all-rounder. It works in and out of the studio and ships with your choice of Canon, Nikon, or Sony remotes. 

  • 500 Ws
  • 350 full power flashes on one charge
  • High-speed sync up to 1/8000 of a second 
  • Battery and mains powered
  • Bowens style mount

Regular price: $999.99. On sale now for $579.99 and includes a free controller. With promo code "LIGHT," the price will be $480! (good until 12/18)

Get yours here.

Interfit Honey Badger 320 Ws Compact Flash Head

This little guy is great for people just starting out or looking to add an extra light or two to their existing setup. Its price-to-power ratio is really strong and it has all the features you need to get going. 

  • 7-stop power range
  • Built-in wireless receiver
  • Optional S1 TTL / S1 manual transmitters
  • LED modeling lamp
  • Recycling at full power: 1 sec
  • Measures only 5 x 5 x 6"
  • Weighs just 3 lbs
  • Bowens mount

Regular Price: $299.99. On sale now for $244.99. With promo code "LIGHT," the price will be $199! (good until 12/18)

Get Yours here.

Interfit Honey Badger 320Ws 2-Light Kit

All the features listed above times 2! This kit gets you everything you need to get your studio started.

  • 2 Honey Badger flash heads
  • Manual remote for all cameras
  • 2 softboxes (24 x 24")
  • 2 light stands
  • Kit bag 

Regular price: $699.99. On sale now for $599.99. With promo code "LIGHT," the price will be $499! (good until 12/18)

Get yours here.

Elinchrom D-Lite RX 4/4 Softbox To Go Kit

If you're looking to get started and want to invest in a rock solid system, the Elinchrom D-lite RX kit will certainly fit the bill. I personally am heavily invested in the Elinchrom system, and I find them to be very reliable and precise.

  • 2 D-Lite RX 4 flash heads (400 Ws each)
  • EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus
  • Portalite rectangular softbox
  • Portalite octagonal softbox
  • 2 light stands
  • Light stand carry bag

Regular price: $949.99. On sale now for $749. With promo code "LIGHT," the price will be $699! (good until 12/18)

Get yours here.

Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL To Go Kit

TTL, Hi Sync, 500 Ws, lightweight and rugged. What more could you want? With some notable improvements over their Quadra and ELB400 kits, Elinchrom is really bringing it all to the table. Gone are the days of needing to choose the right flash head for the occasion, you only need the one now. And you can actively charge while shooting, so you can shoot all day in the studio, then go outside when the light is just right. 

  • ELB 500 TTL Pack with battery
  • ELB 500 flash head
  • Head cable
  • Battery charger, sync chord
  • Reflector (7")
  • Snappy carry case with shoulder strap
  • ProTec location bag

Regular Price: $1899.95. With promo code "LIGHT," the price will be $1580! (good until 12/18)

Get yours here.

Impact VC-500WLN 3-500Ws Digital Monolight With Transmitter Kit 

This is one of the most economical ways to get yourself a full studio setup. Bowens mount means you can get all the accessories you'll ever need, though it comes with ample modifiers to get you started. 

  • Total of 1500 Ws, 120 VAC
  • 3 x VC-500WLN digital monolights
  • Digital readout
  • 3 kit stands, 7" reflectors
  • 24x36" softbox
  • 3 white umbrellas with black backing
  • Wheeled kit case
  • Wireless 16-channel transmitter
  • Built-in radio receiver
  • 250 W modeling lamp

Regular price: $1099.95. With promo code "LIGHT," the price will be $799.99! (good until 12/18)

Get yours here.

Broncolor Para 133 Reflector Kit With Focusing Tube

Fashion and portrait photographers tend to lust over Broncolor's Para lights and for good reason. Despite several companies' best efforts, no one seems to be able to get close to the quality of light these put out. If you've been eyeing one of these for a while but haven't been able to pull the trigger, now might be the time. At $850 off, you'll likely never find a better deal. 

  • 47" diameter, 30" depth
  • Black backing
  • Unique parabolic shape
  • 24-segment circle
  • Soft but detailed quality of light

Regular price: $3548.50. On sale now for $2838.80. With promo code "LIGHT," the price will be $2698.99! (good until 12/18)

Get yours here

Dynalite Baja B6 Battery-Powered 2-Light Kit With Case

At 600 Ws, the Dynalite Baja B6 is more powerful than a Profoto B1, and today, you can buy two of them for less than the price of one. Dynalite is known for being incredibly reliable and is trusted by photographers everywhere to tackle the rigors of commercial work.  

  • 2 Baja B6 monolights
  • 2 batteries, chargers, receivers
  • Transmitter, padded carry case
  • 600 Ws, 7-stop power range
  • 1/10 stop power increments
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery power
  • Up to 400 full-power flashes
  • Flash duration: 1/12,800 - 1/500 sec
  • LED modeling light

Regular price: $1,599. On sale now for $1,459. With promo code "LIGHT," the price will be $1393! (good until 12/18)

Get yours here.

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Jon Wolding's picture

Do you work for Paul C. Buff, Inc or something?

Felix Wu's picture

They must not not be Einstein.

Derek Johnson's picture

I was previously PCB for some 5 odd years until I recently just switched to the Orlit Rovelight RT 610. They're from Adorama and are quite impressive. They're battery powered (cordless is a big win for me), have 600ws for power, are capable of high speed sync, and have consistent color. You can dial in power to the 10th of a stop like you're looking for. I will say this... they aren't Profotos but they certainly are an upgrade from PCB.

They retail for $700 per head but they often run specials like they are currently - you can pick them up for $420 w/ a receiver.

Dan E's picture

Derek, how long have you had the 610’s? I really want to get some, but am skiddish. I know because they are adorama does not mean they aren’t good. But I’m curious if you have had them for a while? What problems have you encountered over time If any? Etc....

Derek Johnson's picture

Dan, I've only had them for a couple months and am still getting familiar. I still haven't figured out the HSS but overall my first impression has been great. They often run deals that you can pick up a head around $420 when they typically run $700 and I recently picked up my third light. One of the batteries on my unit ran into an issue where it doesn't "click" in and lock onto the head... so I'm waiting to complete a couple shoots before sending it in and getting a replacement.... Wish they could send me a replacement without first sending mine in.

Deleted Account's picture

I don't know if it's public or not but Adorama has a 48-hour sale on lighting products including several eVOLV 200 (Godox AD200) deals from $139.00 to just under $300 off.

Motti Bembaron's picture

Just took a look, nothing special. The AD200 is normally $299, they just take a few dollars of accessories but not much.

Deleted Account's picture

Really? AD200, barndoor kit, softbox w/grid, Bowens bracket, silicone skin (don't know what that is) for $289.95?? Not fantastic but as good a deal (not commenting on the products) as those above.

Wayne Denny's picture

I got that exact kit on Black Friday for $228, minus the bracket (only $20 at B&H). I also got the silicone skin even though I didn't order it - it's a rubber skin (a really ugly powder blue) that goes over the flash, but I would imagine it would make it more difficult to pull out of your bag, especially with two of them.

Deleted Account's picture

I kinda figured that was what the skin was but wasn't sure. Maybe it'd protect from bumps and drops...maybe not. :-/

Motti Bembaron's picture

Not sure where you saw this deal. I saw this one:

It's the same as what I saw last night.

Deleted Account's picture

It was listed as being for specific people. I was going to post a link but it contained my email information!? Maybe because I buy stuff from them every so often.

Motti Bembaron's picture

Ah, could be. In Canada we had a special of around $260 USD for the AD200 so $228 would have been great.