Get The $400 Canon Pro-100 Printer For $50 Right Now

Get The $400 Canon Pro-100 Printer For $50 Right Now

We currently own 4 Canon Photo printers and they are the best printers I've personally ever owned. They never clog and they simply work every single time. Right now you can get a brand new Canon Pro-100 photo printer for just $50 from B&H with a little trickery. Let me show you how. 

1. First of all, to make this deal work you have to have a B&H account. Go ahead and sign up first if you don't have one. 

2. Add the Pro-100 to your cart

3. Click "View Cart"

4. Inside your cart in the bottom left, enter the promo code PSWBH15

5. This promo code will remove $100 from the price and add 50 sheets of 13x19 paper for free. 

6. Fill out this rebate to receive $250 back (for the printer and paper combo). We have done this before and they were extremely fast.

7. Keep it or sell it for profit ;)

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Josh Rottman's picture

Can you link to the necessary ink cartridges too? Gonna pull the trigger.

steve carrillo's picture

the math on this comes out to $100 for the printer. still a good deal.

Sorry, the rebate is actually $250 because it comes with the paper.

Gabe Border's picture

I might be bad at math...isn't this more like $100 after rebate, not $50?

Its $50 since the promo adds the paper to be a combo, last section of the rebate


Well thanks, Lee! Though I actually don't need one (I have Epson Pro 3880).
Mine ended up being just $2.04 as B&H just hooked me up with a 4% cashback credit on the Batis 85mm lens today.

$400 printer with some freebies for $2.04, no tax, free shipping...sure, I'll take it :)

Yuri Chaves's picture

Hey man, I think the mail rebate is wrong in this post, it says "Mail-In Rebate: $250.00" on BH website.

yep, I screwed up. I fixed it, thanks

Yuri Chaves's picture

You're welcome =]

The mail in rebate is $250 so the end cost is $50. Even if you already have this printer you may as well buy this because its half the price of the cost of ink ($108 for ink pack)...

Vladimir Ambia's picture

$108 for cartridges? too much? Since youse guys have used this before, does the cartridges last long? thanks!

The ink that comes with it is only partly filled. The standard ink is expensive but it does last a long time and you only have to replace the colors that run out. Red and Green almost never have to be replaced.

If I'm not mistaking, the ink that comes with this pro printer are the full cartridges, not the starter ones! At least that's what the rep said when he was at a camera store I was shopping at when I bought this printer! I have printed a bunch of stuff already and the inks are JUST NOW starting to show a drop in the levels. Just bought another one too!! Thanks Lee!!

Even cartridges for shitty printers are super expensive. I paid close to $100 for a pack of ink for my $30 printer. Economy mode is pointless because it's so spastic it nearly bounces itself right off the shelf. I'm totally trashing it tonight.

after I added the code the paper doesn't show up. Is this normal?

That does not sound normal. I went through the steps and it added the paper.

I think the paper is that little 'includes free item' note. Although the link doesn't pull up anything, but I think that's it.

Anonymous's picture

300 Dollars to Ship in Switzerland :D

Bummer. Plus I think the rebate may only be for the USA

Unfortunately US only. You should mention that straight in the title.

We would love these prices here in Down Under ...

Arturs Pavlovs's picture

Somehow i don't see thepromo code????!!!!

Bruce Williams's picture

Awesome! Just pulled the trigger! Thanks for the heads up!

So I guess based on following through, that you get the rebate in a month or two after you receive the printer and can obtain serial and UPC tag and send in paperwork?

If not, B&H has such great customer service you can return it and get your money back. I could not resist and jumped on the bandwagon as well!

The $200 rebate is a check or the American Express card ? thanks

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