Get a Canon PIXMA PRO 100 Printer for only $60 - Limited Time Offer

Get a Canon PIXMA PRO 100 Printer for only $60 - Limited Time Offer

We own two Canon PIXMA Pro 100 printers at the Fstoppers office and love them. They print fantastic looking prints, are dependable, and for a limited time they are being sold for only $60.

The Canon PIXMA Pro 100 is the printer of choice for many professional photographers. Now you can get one for 84% off. In addition to getting a high quality printer, the deal also includes 50 sheets of 13x19" Canon Pro Luster Photo Paper for free, which adds $50 in value to your purchase. 

In order to get the full discount for your order, you'll need to send back a $250 mail-in rebate and use the following code at checkout: BHOPTIC18

This offer will only be available for a limited time so be sure to act quickly. 

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Jen Photographs's picture

You've a math error. $370-250=$120.

Even if you factor in the paper, that gets you to $70, not $60.

Mike Spits's picture

The coupon code takes another $60 off.

Derek Morf's picture

Mike is correct, the code brings the price down to $310, the rebate takes the price down to $60, the value of the paper takes the "price" down to $10.

Deleted Account's picture

I don't do mail-in rebates. I always forget to send them in. :-(

Anonymous's picture

Do it the moment you get it home. That's what I did because I normally forget them too.

Deleted Account's picture

That sounds like a good idea but I have really bad short-term memory. It can be debilitating. :-(

Anonymous's picture

Sorry to hear that, Sam.

Kirk Darling's picture

This is a legit deal. I did this last fall.. Good printer and a package of paper for $50.

One trick, though, is to be sure you cut the correct code off the outside carton.

aaronbratkovics's picture

You're lazy. It took me 45min to buy/open and cut the label off. I went for groceries later and mailed it out lol. Three weeks later I received a check and applied it too my card.

I already made the money back printing to clients.

aaronbratkovics's picture

Errr sigh yeah I guess I can be rude. Sorry.

Mihnea Stoian's picture

too bad it's available only in US.

Keith Davis's picture

I received this printer when I purchased my 5d mark III a few years ago for free. It is a great printer just perfect for matted 18 by 24 prints. Off the shelf it is close to true color when the printer controls color with Canon paper in Photoshop. Maybe I am lucky but my prints match my monitor very close without all the ICC rigmarole. The 13 by 19 luster paper produces deep vibrant colors with reduced glare.


Jeffrey R Farmer's picture

Maybe I'm missing something, but on the B&H site specs, it only shows the "maximum printable area" as being 13 X 19 inches. Unless your 18 X 24 is including the matte?

S Dreamer's picture

Think he means using an 18x24 frame with a matte to fit the 13x19 in it.

Keith Davis's picture

Yes Jeff I should have stated that better. the 13 x19 plus a 2.75" matte border works great in a 18 by 24" frame.

Steve Bryant's picture

Have considered one of these printers for a while, but have read some horror stories about the amount of ink wasted if the printer isn't used every day.
Would appreciate some people's real-world experiences.

Lee Morris's picture

They do drink a lot of ink but its $60! That's cheaper than buying more ink.

aaronbratkovics's picture

I bought mine last year. I've replaced the ink about twice now (comes with ink) I print a couple times a month. The ink can sit but I'll print a photo or three every so often when I'm not using it to keep it fresh.

I'd be more worried about the types of paper you'll buy to experiment with rather than the ink lol. I dunno. I don't regret it =]]

Marcus Joyce's picture

A printer is a harsh mistress. You've got to use them regularly printing something. Can't ignore it for a month or 2 and expect it to comply. Same goes for any ink printer. Regular use is a must.

Keith Davis's picture

Steve I can only go by my experience. A while back I had some surgery and did not print for almost 3 months. I have two printers...a Epson R1900 and the Canon Pro 100..both are great printers and print 13" 19 " paper. When I started printing again I ran print tests on both. The Epson had dried up nozzles that required multiple printhead cleaning routines and a lot of wasted ink to clear. It did work properly after the printhead cleaning. The Pro 100 printed perfect the first time.

Gary Robinson's picture

I've had one of these since the fall of 2014. Have printed roughly 240 sq. ft. at a cost of ~$0.016/sq. in. No issues with nozzles clogging from lack of use. If you can afford it, buy 2 or three - for $60 you get at least $125 worth of ink and an extra printhead.

Kirk Darling's picture

"Wasted ink" is in reference to the nozzle cleaning sequence it will go through every couple of days if it's not used. This is my first Canon printer. Before this, I used Epson printers. A lot of Epson printers, because when the nozzles dried after not using it for a while, it was time to get a new Epson. The Canon avoids buying a new printer by cleaning itself periodically. If you're subject to going for weeks without printing, the choice is a spurt of ink every few days or a new printer.

ALLEN MARCUS's picture

I've been using the Pro 100 since January and have been very pleased with the output and quality of carefully-profiled files. I've found the ink usage to be on par with other similar printers I've used, specifically the Epson R1800 and 3880. The Pro 100 will run a purge cycle if the printer remains idle for more than 48 hours and this does indeed use ink. It will also run a purge cycle every time you switch it off and back on again, so I just leave it on. But even printing a 4x6 image on plain copy paper within the 48 hours will save you from these purge cycles. And now, there are very high quality 3rd party inks available for this printer which cuts ink costs to a fraction of OEM inks. Take a look at Jose Rodriguez on YouTube. He is a printing specialist and is the go-to source for owning and managing the Pro 100, among many other printers.

Alex Armitage's picture

Bought this deal the last time it came around for $80! Just the ink alone is worth that. Thinking of doing it again.

Jeffrey R Farmer's picture

The ink cartridges are going to set you back $125 dollars down the road, so unless you're serious about printing your own images, you'd probably be better off using a printing service.

Matt Kantecki's picture

I already own this printer, and might buy another just for the ink.. :)

David Love's picture

Awesome, so just the $100 every time you have to add ink? Is it like most where you can't print anything when only one color is done?

David Strauss's picture

Yes, this one works that way.

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