Nikon Announces New Rebates on Camera/Lens Bundles

Nikon Announces New Rebates on Camera/Lens Bundles

From now until September 28th, Nikon has some seriously good rebates on cameras and lenses when you buy them as a bundle! With instant savings of up to $200 on cameras and up to $300 on lenses, this is an awesome time to buy Nikon! Here's how it works, follow the link to B&H's Rebates Page, pick your camera from a list that includes the D800, D600, D7100 and even the mighty D4,  and select from over 30 lenses and accessories to bundle your camera with!

Here are some examples of the awesome rebates that are available.

Nikon D600 + 24-85mm + 70-300mm = $560 in savings! (Includes 32GB memory card, case and wireless adapter)

Nikon D800 + 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II = $500 in savings!

Nikon D3200 + 18-140 f/3.5-5.6 VR = $450 in savings!

If you're interested in taking advantage of these awesome rebates, just click here!

Nikon Rebates September 2013 Full Page

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Why can't we have those rebates in Canada :)

Try here in Brazil, where everything is wrong and expensive. The Nikon D800, for exemple, that costs about US$3.000, we pay R$12.000, equivalent to US$6.000.

Yeah I remember that Brazil import fees were crazy. But still, working in Brazil was a pure joy for me back in 1999. Great people, always proud no matter what...

I would wait awhile on the D7100. I purchased a D7100 here in Fort Lauderdale from Calumet. When I got the camera home and started to test it out. I noticed that all of my photos were blurry and there was a BIG delay when trying to review the photos on the camera or waiting for the INFO to appear on the back of the cameras LED. I took the camera back and the guys at Calumet tested the camera with the lenses in the store and all of the photos were very blurry. After that mess, Calumet gave me a different D7100. Now after a few days this one started to act up real bad. Photos were blurry again but this time, when ever I pushed the INFO, i or the, photo review button, the camera would focus and take a photograph. I called Nikon tech support and we went though all the settings and reset the camera and it would do the same thing. I even put the camera down while on the phone with Nikon and the dang thing focused and took a photo by itself. Needless to say I took the camera back to Calumet. I showed them what was happening and they were totally blown away on what the camera was doing. They wanted me to get another camera but I just told the "No", that I wanted a refund. So now, I am with my reliable D7000 once again. I think I will wait a while now before I try to purchase another Nikon.