Save $3,000 on the Canon EOS-1D C Camera and $550 on a MacBook

Save $3,000 on the Canon EOS-1D C Camera and $550 on a MacBook

B&H is having two amazing deals that beat out any competitive price right now. For the next few days, you can get the incredible Canon EOS-1D C Camera at 38% off with a savings of $3,000. If you're in the market for a new laptop, there's also a big sale on the Apple 12-inch MacBook, giving you the option to save $550.

If you've been looking to up your video game, this is a great time. The Canon EOS-1D C Camera is one of Canon's top of the line HDSLRs with the ability to record stills, 4K video, and Full HD video. This is a top-of-the-line camera for video production with the ability to shoot cinematic quality video within a compressed camera body. By putting the new industry standard of shooting 4K into a small body, users are able to film in versatile and creative ways without having to be tied to heavy and complicated equipment requiring teams of people.

In addition to a fantastic new camera, this is a great time to get a new Apple12-inch MacBook. This laptop only weighs two pounds, with its thin design offering portability and great performance. With 36% off its price, this is a deal you don't want to pass up.

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Can't comment on the camera but the MacBook is an old model.
The successor is on the market since a couple of month. Therefor claiming that the offer is 36% off its price is somewhat misleading.

Note: I am not saying that the computer would be bad or not worth the money. I just doubt that anybody offers it for the original price...

agreed... also a new MB pro about to hit the market, which will be a massive upgrade in the lineup of options... is the 1dc about to get upgraded?? this reads as a stock clearance with affiliate links......??

Nice, but the Skylake versions with OLED function strip version of the Macbook is just months away...

You should take down the MacBook.
1) old Model
2)Savings is only $200.00 B&H is quoting a price on the MacBook with the 512GB drive. This is a 256GB they are advertising,seems the NEW MacBook is $1299 with a 256GB Drive. This is deceptive, in my opinion, on B&H's part...

2015 MacBook 1.3 GHz Core M, 256 GB SSD was sold for $1549, so the discount for $550 is accurate. It is an older model, so paying full price at this point, might not make sense.