The Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 Is at an All Time Low Price

The Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 Is at an All Time Low Price

The Sigma 18-35mm lens was famous from the moment it was announced. How in the world could Sigma create a zoom lens with a f/1.8 aperture and still retain image quality? Well, they did it, and today the lens is the lowest price we have ever seen

Keep in mind that this lens is a crop sensor lens meaning that it will not work with full frame Nikon or Canon cameras but will work well with APS-C cameras. This lens is also a favorite amongst micro four third shooters. By simply adding a Speed Booster to your M4/3 camera, you can get an equivalent 25-50mm f/1.2 lens which is simply unheard of. This deal currently includes both Canon or Nikon mounts and is being sold new, from a Sigma authorized seller with full warranty. You won't find this lens any cheaper. 

Update: They sold out but you can still buy it on B&H

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Mike O'Leary's picture

I've used this lens for nearly two years with my Canon APS-C. It's hands down the sharpest lens I've ever used, even though I'm now using a full-frame with L series glass. I hope that Sigma make a fast, wide angle telephoto for full frame to compete with Canon's 16-35mm.

Alex Armitage's picture

I own and use this lens on a C100. Can't recommend it enough!

I didn't realize you could do this with the C100 - thanks for the tip! Anything in particular you like about the C100 with this lens?

Alex Armitage's picture

Of course! I think all the cinema lines (100/200/300.. Maybe 500?) are Super 35mm. Which is the same size as the Arri Alexa for example. This makes it slightly larger than APS-C, so it's a 1.5ish crop factor rather than 1.6.

The biggest benefit is it's great lens to shoot interviews on at 30mm+ But then you can grab cinematic B-roll with it at f1.8 without ever having to switch lenses. It's also incredibly sharp.

Agreed! I use it with a C100mkii and C300mkii and paired with the Sigma 50-100mm f/1.8 it's a killer combination.

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So much for that- says it is now out of stock.

B&H has it for the same price

$100 more but still good

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On a sidenote… I contacted sigma US tech-support…

And I was informed that they received a direct memo from the manufacturing headquarters that stated that no sigma lenses are tested, or guaranteed, at anything other then the center auto focus point on any camera…

So the issues that this lens has been having with the Nikon D500… Will never be fixed because according to sigma it is “working as intended”…

Even though it has known issues with focusing on the outer focus points on the newer autofocus system for Nikon…

He told me that if anybody sends in the camera for warranty work because of the issues on the outer focus points… They will get a email back stating “working as intended“ because of this fact…

And he stated that this is not just on the 18–35… But all sigma art/sport/cont lenses in the lineup… None of them are tested or guaranteed to work at anything other than center auto focus point By sigma. And they are having issues with the new Nikon AF system on the D5/D500/D850 that will never be addressed at any level other than center AF point

Todd Davis's picture

On a side – sidenote…

Because he told me this I immediately knew that nobody would ever believe me unless there was some sort of recording that I could provide or transcript…

But conveniently enough Sigma does not record or monitor their phone calls for quality assurance…

I know… Shocker…… sigma skipping over quality control... not news

So there is no record that he ever told me this…

Which I’m sure is the reason why he told me this… Because there is no record or recording for him to be held to

Troy Phillips's picture

I bought this lens in 2014 for my Nikon d7000. I struggled with autofocus then finally bought the USB Dock. It helped but never was consistent. I was getting ready to get rid of it then Nikon came out with the d500. I bought it and low and behold much better performance. Then I used the USB Dock and it now it is almost permanently attached to the camera. It is phenomenal. I shoot low low light live music photography wide open to f/2.8. I do usually use the center af point mostly but it hits pretty consistently in very challenging conditions at f/1.8 and f/2.

"Keep in mind that this lens is a crop sensor lens meaning that it will not work with full frame Nikon", not really true the most FX nikon have a DX mode.