Today Only: CreativeLive Is Offering Camera Tutorials for Free

Today Only: CreativeLive Is Offering Camera Tutorials for Free

If you have been looking to have a deeper understanding of your camera, here is an excellent offer for you. Today, CreativeLive is having a huge giveaway of their series of camera tutorials.

In celebration of National Camera Day, CreativeLive is offering free downloads of all of their Fast Start tutorials. The Fast Start series is made of CreativeLive’s original videos designed to help you understand your camera. The goal of this series is to help new camera owners get their camera out of the box and into the field by teaching them to master their camera’s buttons, menus, and settings.

These quick start guides include training for many specific cameras from brands such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji, Panasonic, and Olympus. I was impressed after looking into the Fast Start for my specific camera. The guide includes several explanations and demos that cover a wide range of topics.

This is a one day sale only and will conclude at the end of the day on June 29. If you have desired a video version of your camera’s manual, this offer is perfect for you. To download your Fast Start guide, you can visit CreativeLive’s sale and find the tutorial for your specific camera.

Lead image by Pixabay user AquilaSol, used under Creative Commons.

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user-156929's picture

It doesn't look like you can download it. I think you have to watch it on-line.

Levi Keplar's picture

Sam, once you own a class on CreativeLive you should be able to download it if needed. Here is the link on how to do it:

I was logging in to say the same. You have to "buy" the class to get to download.

user-156929's picture

That worked. Thanks a lot!

Ditto... had to register (simple registration) and then able to find/download tutorials for my model. Not a prior customer or previously registered with Creative Live. Thanks BTW, CL!

Must be a problem on your end. I just now finished downloading each of the 20 lessons and the pdf guide.

user-156929's picture

I just didn't know how. That happens to me a lot! :-)

Mike Irving's picture

well great they do this right after i just bought the fast start for the nikon d500.

Jorge Cevallos's picture

Thanks. It worked for me.

lol i made 10 account for different Fast Start tutorial on each account and worth 300usd++ hahaha thx alot Levi!