5 More Great Photo Ideas You Can Try Right Now

In trying times, inspiration for the arts can be elusive. If that's the case for you, perhaps this video might help.

Jordi Koalitic has been a bit of a viral sensation in the photography world, and it's easy to see why. This is the third video of his I've gladly shared of his in the last month or so because his content is singular and plentiful. There's certainly a motif behind his ideas: fill the frame using things around the lens, guiding the eye to the subject. Nevertheless, he does this in many different ways to great effect.


Lockdown initially didn't affect my creativity in any way, but as the months have now begun to roll on, I've struggled from time to time. My way out of it so far is to buy props and items I can use to push shots to the next level, but it's not always as easy as that. These sort of videos might not act as an exact template for you to work on, but they can sometimes combine with your own concepts to become something else that you might not have though of.

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Jon The Baptist's picture

Could I be the only one that finds these sparkler photos super amateurish and lame?
They look like something in an art school "long exposure" assignment.

David Love's picture

Just another trend that comes off as stock photoish.

Corey Weberling's picture

I mean it's definitely "trendy".....

But I think it's pretty cool. There are definitely some ways I think it could be done that would make it cooler than the shots here.....but ya.