The Awesome Footage From Shooting a 360-Degree Camera out of a Cannon

Sometimes, half the fun of what we do is coming up with a ludicrous idea, then making it happen. You know, something like shooting a 360-degree camera out of a cannon. That's exactly what these guys did. 

Coming to you from Corridor Crew, this video shows the process leading up to shooting an Insta360 camera several hundred feet out of an air cannon. You might remember them as the same guys that shot a GoPro out of a cannon a few years ago. While of course, it's just super cool to fire a camera out of a powerful air cannon, it's actually quite impressive to watch their process, as they don't just jam the camera down the tube and fire away, rather taking the time to design and 3D-print a custom aerodynamic housing for it. The end result is pretty neat (and catching the camera is rather impressive). Obviously, the power involved here is rather extreme, so please don't attempt this yourself. 

Check out the resultant 360-degree video below (you can use the directional arrows in the upper left corner to control your viewpoint):

And if you have a VR headset, be sure to try it out with the video! 

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