The Fun of Mounting a 360 Camera on a Drone

Drones and 360 cameras are some of the most unique photographic devices out there, and so, it is only natural to want to combine them. Unfortunately, there are not any 360-capable drones out there, but that did not stop this photographer from coming up with a DIY solution of his own to put his 360 camera on top of his drone. Check out this fun video that shows the sort of things you can do with the combination. 

Coming to you from Ken Heron, this fun video follows him as he mounts an Insta360 ONE R on a DJI Mini 2 drone. Of course, you will get some of the drone in the bottom hemisphere of the shot, but it still offers a much different view and a lot more versatility than a standard drone camera. I have personally always wanted to try this, but I know it is an incredibly niche application and something we are unlikely to ever see in a consumer product, so I guess I will have to follow in Heron's footsteps and make a DIY solution, though I would certainly be first in line if such a device ever made its way to the market. Check out the video above to see the combination in action. 

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Jim Bolen's picture

Kinda fun, but drones can do 360's, and in fact, a tutorial I learned here on FS. It's all in the software.

Ivan Maceda's picture

I didn't like that feeling when he started the drone right to his face with no protection at all. Did not wanna watch the video after that

Studio 403's picture

DJI may get hard to get parts, The federal Gov has placed DJI on its list has a potential to National Security. The Feds can no longer buy DJI products. So be fun to see if "China Joe" gives them a break. NO NO its rant today

Dozens of Chinese companies have been added to the list for enabling “wide-scale human rights abuses within China through abusive genetic collection and analysis or high-technology surveillance” according to a report on Reuters.

PJ F's picture

I had to check twice to be sure I wasn't reading a post from 2015...

There are special thin drones made to use 360 cameras so you don't see the drone anymore and have a full 360 view.
But with a sky up high you can edit a drone out of the shot very easy.