How to Make Your Own Pinhole Camera Lens

A pinhole camera is essentially a box with a piece of photo-sensitive paper on the inside and a tiny hole on the other side of the box. It's used by pointing the hole at a light source or reflected light, exposing the paper through the pinhole and then covering again. Simple. So, whats stopping us from doing it with our digital cameras? Nothing, that's what, so get up off your bum and start creating something different, like Blue Mantle Films just did.

On their YouTube channel, they describe themselves as a traveling, video making, family of five. They are based out of Maryland and they post some pretty sick content from their travels as well as having a video production company, called Blue Mantle Films. With this quick tutorial, though, they're following the trend of nostalgia, while having some inexpensive fun with the tools that they already have, and the results are great.

The creator starts by cutting a piece of aluminum from a soda can and carefully puts a tiny hole in the center of it with a sewing needle. He then gets a spare body cap, drills a hole in its center, and with a blade, he refines the edges a bit. After he frames the pinhole on the aluminum with black tape, he then sticks it to the body cap and screws the whole thing into the camera body. Hey, presto! You got a digital pinhole camera. I especially love the lo-fi video it produces. It might not be as impressive that large format video camera that we posted about, at the start of the month, but it's a hell of a lot easier.   

[via Blue Mantle Films]

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Martin Peterdamm's picture

And don't forget to make a shitty Kickstarter campain to sell this crap afterwards

Gabrielle Colton's picture

This is really cool, had no idea you could do this with a digital. Last time I made a pinhole camer was out of a oatmeal container in school lol

Mike O'Leary's picture

It really makes me want to make a camera obscura. I've never tried it before.

Gabrielle Colton's picture

Same, you definitely should!!