How to Shoot through Glass Without Reflections

How to Shoot through Glass Without Reflections

We all have been in the situation. A great shot pops up through a building, plane, train, maybe even a submarine window and you snag it. Only to see after that you got more of your reflection then the scene. Well photographer and web designer Michael Courier has a simple DIY project he discovered while preparing for a train trip.

While Michael was preparing for a train trip he went to buy a product to help with reflections when shooting through the window. Probably something like this. He discovered it was on back order and worked on a DIY solution. (After emailing Michael he told me many people have suggested to use a polarizing filter instead. However as this article points out, it doesn't do a great job.)

Check out Michael's diy steps below (or check out his original post) and make your own Flect.




All images and content used with Michael Courier's permission.
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Sean Harper's picture

Why not use a polarizer?

Tyler Brown's picture

polarizers often don't work well enough in this situation. they will minimize the reflection but not stop it all together. Don't take my word for it, go out and try it.

This is all so unnecessary. A simple rubber lens shade works great. You just press it firmly against the glass, even at an angle.

Björn Lubetzki's picture

Try use this in the US....Before you get that thing properly on there, you have two cops standing beside you. They have been called in, by a concerned person, who thought you were a terrorist.

Christopher Cooke's picture

sounds about right!

Ooooo and then what happens? You get arrested? For...?

$49 for that commercial product? Are you kidding me?

I love a good camera DIY project so thanks for that. You should also take a look at these are great and really work very well.

gary winchester's picture

What the hell could you possibly hope to light that far away? Especially from on camera flash. Is this a late April fools joke? That person in the photo is at the top of a building using a flash to light what? The entire fucking city below? Has the whole world gone mad with shitty DIY projects with the hopes kickstarter will fund it?!?!

Joe Horvath's picture

What flash are you talking about? You still get reflections with natural light.

Bruno Inácio's picture

:) Haters everywhere!
So, this is a great DIY for a friend that shoots amphibians trough aquarium glass! He usually fill's all the room with black tissue, with this approach, this will be more easy for him!
Thanks by this post!

RUSS T.'s picture

here's another D I Y idea, buy a cheap circular polarizer

glass reflection problems solved EVERY time. Including glare off car windshields in sunlight, etc etc etc
AND, much easier to carry around with you, as it's attached to the end of your lens.
neat, compact, only have to buy one piece and apply it.

Bruno Inácio's picture

Why buy 1000£ lens if you will destroy their glass quality with cheap glass polarizer?