MegaLapse: The GoPro Hack for Shooting Long Timelapses

The ability to film a timelapse video with a GoPro is something I would think most of us are familiar with on some level. What you might not be aware of however, is the interval limitations they are programmed with. At it's longest interval the GoPro can only be set to take one photo every 60 seconds. While this may not be an obstacle for most, it could be if you wanted to do something like a week-long timelapse of a hard to reach location. One photo a minute can still chew up a lot of storage space. There are several hardware modifications around that solve this problem, but they add a new issue of additional purchased. Seeing this, Konrad Iturbe of has developed a GoPro-specific executable that allows intervals from 2 minutes, all the way up to 45 minutes to be utilized, and it's completely free! Currently the hack only supports the GoPro Hero3 Black, and Hero3+ Black but as with most gear hacks, it's only a matter of time until that changes.

If you are interested in adding this feature to your DIY arsenal, you can find the files needed at

Just remember, you do this at your own risk. Gear hacks generally insta-void your warranty.

Via ISO1200

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they've got a lot of potential for long term timelapsing, If you could hook up an external solar powered battery, you'd be on to a winner.

I'm hoping that this Kickstarter will succeed:

It doesn't have auto-shutoff circuitry like most external battery packs (per the inventor) so with an appropriate enclosue it should be a great power source for GoPro timelapses.

Or just use this:
I used my battery bacpac but opened and soldered to shoot my MegaLapse.

Yes, now MegaLapse supports ALL Gopro models (HERO3 White, silver, black HERO3+ Black, silver and HERO2)