GoPro Makes It Official - HERO4 Available October 5th

Just three days ago the latest rumored specs for the highly anticipated GoPro HERO4 came to light, and the internet came alive with both excitement and caution. Was this the real deal, or just more false internet hype? Well, GoPro put any doubts to bed this morning when they officially announced the HERO4

As GoPro does with each new camera release, the announcement comes coupled with a short film that not only shows you the quality of the footage, but also gets viewers super inspired and excited to pack their backpacks and head up to some icebergs in the Antarctic. And now, in 4K video, those icebergs will look even more incredible. The video is stunning, and in it, we see everything from first person views of DJs performing, sports cars racing through the night streets, Orca whales being rescued from a fishing net and ice climbers watching an iceberg break apart....while standing on top of it. 

While every GoPro produced video is incredible, I think this will really highlights the improved low light performance of the HERO4. There are many scenes that were filmed at night, and each one looks absolutly incredible thanks to the new "Auto Low Light Mode"  for video. GoPro says on their website that they have also added two additional features for shooting still images and time lapses at night. Based on the impressive looking night timelapse in film, it looks like GoPro really nailed the low light performance in the HERO4. 

Now, I am not completly blown away by the HERO4, for a couple of select reasons that I discussed in detail on my original article regarding the HERO4. But to quickly review, I wish the still camera could see some updates (mainly addint the ability to shoot in RAW) and the lack of 240 FPS super slow mo is a huge loss, considering the incredible action that the GoPro can capture. Great action always looks amazing in super slow motion. 

But with all that said, this is still an incredible action camera, and I will gladly be handing over my $499 for the Black when it is released on October 5th. While Pre-Orders are not being accepted, save this bookmark and come back and get yours on October 5th! 

Below is a breakdown of the three new GoPro models, the last being a very basic addition to the family, the entry level "HERO".

GoPro HERO4 Black - $499

This year's flagship GoPro model is all about the 4k video resolution, and the higher end Black edition will capture 4K at 30 frames per second. This is a considerable bump from the 15 FPS that the HERO3 was able to provide. Any filmmaker, professional or amateur can tell you how important FPS are, and at 30 FPS, we should be seeing some amazing GoPro 4k footage being used in more and more videos. 

All of the resolutions and frame rates are noted below. 

4K at 30fps, 2.7K at 50fps, 1440p at 80fps, 1080p at 120fps, 960p at 120fps, and 720p at 120fps.

The camera retains the 12 megapixels that were available in the HERO3, and can shoot at 30 frames per second, also a carry over from the HERO 3. 

Audio will be improved, with twice the dynamic range capturing as the HERO3. 

As with the HERO3, you can choose from three different field-of-view settings. Narrow, Medium and Ultra Wide. 

GoPro really brought underwater video and photography into the main stream. No longer do you need expensive housing to free dive to get those beautiful clips of those pretty vibrant fish on your family vacation. Just simply throw your GoPro into a waterproof housing and jump in! The HERO4 is waterproof up to 131 feet. 

Videographers can select important moments in their footage using a "HiLight Tag". Other features include built in Wifi, Bluetooth, new nighttime shooting exposure settings, auto low light features, and a QuickCapture feature which can both turn your camera on AND start recording, all with the press of a button.

And the question we all want to know the answer too. Do I have to buy all new accessories? Nope. Both models of the GoPro 4 will  be backwards compatible, so all of your mounts will still be useful. 

GoPro HERO4 Silver - $399

The good news? The HERO4 Silver as a cool built-in touch screen! 

The bad news? No 4k video recording at 30 FPS. 

All of the resolutions and frame rates are noted below. 

4K at 15fps, 2.7K at 30fps, 1440p at 48fps, 1080p at 60fps, 960p at 100fps, and 720p at 120fps.

The still camera specs will match the Black (12MP + 30 FPS) and all other features described above will be included with the HERO4 Silver edition.

GoPro HERO - $129

Entry-level GoPro with impressive specs, especially for the price. 

1080p at 30fps and 720p at 60fps.

5 Megapixel Still Camera at 5 FPS. 



Auto Low Light

Waterproof up to 131 feet.


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I love that GoPro continues to make what I would consider "real" strides in improving their gear. Canon releases a new camera and it's very small improvements. GoPro just put 4k 30fps in a little action cam... Canon get your act together!

What's Canon? :)

Why Hero 4 is $400 ?
Although Hero 3 is $ 199 !

Been waiting for the 4 to come out. A bit disappointed in the features though. The 3+ black was $400 and came with a $80 wifi remote. The Hero 4 doubles the frame rates for 4k and 1080p modes but not 720p240, and it cost $500 and does not include the remote! Thats asking a lot for 4k30 and 1080p120 upgrades.

Brett, great points. As I said in my initial reporting, I was expecting more from the HERO4. I will be purchasing, as I like new toys, but can understand why 3+ owners would take a pass on this one.

Agree %100 ! I was thinking the same thing, why no 240fps?!? and no remote?! the Silver is nice with the build in LCD, but it doesn't get a FPS boost...sooo yeah. Not at all saying GoPro's are bad ;) there amazing and I still don't know how they fit everything in there! especially a LCD!

Yeah, that sucks that it doesnt do 720p240. Even the new Iphones can do that. It still does WVGA/240;-(

I understand the physical limits of the memory buffer for not being able to shoot 240fps, but why not do something like a 15 second burst, similar to how the Sony FS700 does its high speed capture. it it can shoot 30fps of high res stills, it has to have a large enough buffer for a decent length of 240fps HD video at a small fraction of that bit rate. Do you think they could update this later as an added feature?

"Was this the real deal, or just more false internet hype? Well, GoPro put any doubts to bed this morning when they officially announced the HERO4. "

Of course it was the real deal, check the leak and check the official announcement.

I'll be interested to know if battery like is improved over the 3+.

Battery life not communicated, thus making it the same or even worse than before. This product is still not mature, sadly.

Does anyone know how many GB is 1min at 4K???

Well after having that cam its worth every $!