GoPro Releases New Trim and Share Features for Camera and App

GoPro Releases New Trim and Share Features for Camera and App

These days, if you don't own a GoPro, you're pretty much a person that doesn't own a GoPro. But if you ARE a person that owns a GoPro, then get ready to enjoy some sweet new features that will make creating and sharing your content even easier.

Currently, if you want to edit and post a video you shot with your GoPro, you either have to use a third-party video app on your phone and go through several steps to get it into said app, or wait until you have a chance to sit down at your computer or pull out your laptop. With the latest update to their GoPro app for iOS and Android, users can now trim and share video clips directly from within the app.

In addition to the app update, GoPro is also adding in-camera clip trimming to their Hero4 Silver, Hero4 Black with LCD Touch BacPac™ and Hero+ LCD via a new firmware update. The new update will allow you to select segments of your video using the rear touchscreen LCD and save the new clip as an individual file that can be shared from the app, or incorporated into your computer-based editing later.

I am all about streamlining your workflow and saving time (in the words of White Rose on Mr. Robot, "You hack people, I hack time), so I am appreciative when companies do small things like this update to save me the trouble of jumping through a few extra hoops. While I am not sold on clipping videos in-camera (HiLight tagging with an LCD screen is just a far more useful feature in my mind), I'm certain that there are people who will find it to be a welcome addition to their action cameras.

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