Ebola Series Captures Top Prize at World's Largest Photography Competition

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The World Photography Organisation has named American photographer John Moore as the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards' Professional Photographer of the Year. Chosen from the winners of the awards' thirteen professional categories, the winning work "Ebola Crisis Overwhelms Liberian Capital" is a hard-hitting series of images that cut to the heart of this human tragedy.

Moore is a senior staff photographer and special correspondent for Getty Images and has photographed in more than 70 countries. He is a past recipient of the Robert Capa Gold Medal, been named Photographer of the Year by both Pictures of the Year International and the National Press Photographers Association and has been recognized four times by World Press Photo.

© John Moore/Getty Images, L’Iris d’Or, 2015 Sony World Photography Awards

Judges commented on the fine line of exploitation photographers face in situations such as the coverage of the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa and how Moore conveys "heart, compassion and understanding" in his work. “Moore’s photographs of this crisis show in full the brutality of people’s daily lives torn apart by this invisible enemy. However, it is his spirit in the face of such horror that garners praise. His images are intimate and respectful, moving us with their bravery and journalistic integrity."

© John Moore/Getty Images, L’Iris d’Or, 2015 Sony World Photography Awards

© John Moore/Getty Images, L’Iris d’Or, 2015 Sony World Photography Awards

“I collect this award tonight in recognition of all the photographers working in difficult and dangerous places right now, and tomorrow," Moore said at a gala ceremony held in London. "I am very grateful to the Liberians who allowed me to photograph them on their most difficult days. I will always be grateful.”

Other winners within the thirteen Professional categories covered topics from female wrestling in Bolivia to American prom. A full gallery can be found on the WPO's website.

The 2015 awards attracted record-breaking entries, with 173,444 images submitted from 171 countries.

[via World Photography Organisation]

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These images are amazing…tragic…terrifying…and heartrending all at the same time. We can’t say enough about the courage of the health workers and the photographers who brought this suffering to the world's attention.


Very true Keith. That's why I think a lot of Ebola based photography is going to win awards and recognition this year. It wasn't just the content, it was how photography captured an almost invisible disease.