Inside Look at the Work of Master Photographer Herb Ritts

You've heard the name. Listed among the accolades as one of the greats, Herb Ritts' ability to seamlessly blend together both environment and model set him apart from his peers. A mastery over lines, shapes, and all things pertaining to light that trademarked his work as timeless. He had an eye for capturing a moment and creative intuition for creating one. This documentary gives us a glimpse into the man behind the work. In a sense it is even more intimate then we could've hoped, as it is told by those who were closest to him.

The documentary also pays special attention to how living in L.A. helped shape his eye and style that we've noted throughout his years. He was known for ending an era of glamour by introducing outside landscapes with the various models of his choice. He was very particular about the elements of nature he worked within, such as waiting between the hours of 3 and 6 p.m. to capture his models. His work, even to this day, remains timeless. Be it the stripped down feeling of it all, or the intimacy between subject and photographer, we still turn to him as a shining example of what the idea of "less is more" can create. A major takeaway from this documentary was the message that it was not where he put the light but rather where he cast the shadow.

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LA M's picture

Good politics, no ego, no religion. Well done FS. Do more.

Geoff Miasnik's picture

360p is the best quality video that can be posted on a story of a legendary image maker? Too sad.

Howard Ashton-Jones's picture

Awesome feature.. :)

Tony Clark's picture

I am a big fan and was influenced greatly by Herb's work as I started my career back in the mid 90's.