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Tips for Shooting Abroad

Whether you are a landscape, street, or portrait photographer, there are ways we navigate differently abroad as opposed to within our own hometown. Here are some tips to ensure not only that you come home with photos you are happy with, but also that you get to take home a bit of the culture with you as well.

Planning and Executing Your First Photo Editorial

The in-between stages of fashion photography can be knowing which ideas for stories serve best as test shoots and which are worth pushing forward as a full editorial. Do the benefits of a cohesive editorial outweigh the efforts required to make it? This article breaks down the steps required from idea to execution.

Stylizing Your Work With the Use of Color

We often draw inspiration from several mediums; art, music, and film to name a few. These inspirations are blended together and found within our work. This article digs deeper into what may give our work moody undertones and makes us feel exactly how we feel when looking at it.

Lessons on Your Road to Becoming a Freelance Photographer

Taking the leap of fate to freelancing is probably one of the first major milestones and commitments we can make to both ourselves and our career. Jeff Rojas has now been working as a full-time freelancer for roughly five years. This video helps breakdown some of the tough questions and quips of wisdom that can help us push forward to being able to stably work as a freelance photographer.

Taking the Next Step Forward: Working With Modeling Agencies

You’ve reached a point with your work at which shooting friends and family doesn’t quite cut it. Your curiosity to challenge yourself and move forward is piqued, and you have a good sense of established skills that make you think seeking out agency-represented models is your best move. The question is: Where do you go from here and how do you even start?

Should You Give Raw Files to Clients?

We've all been put into this position. You've finished a shoot, and before you can even get through culling the images, the client is asking you to see all the raw files. Should you hand them over or hold onto them, biding time until you can produce the edited bunch?

Making the Most of the New Year: Five Insightful Tips for Photographers

I’m not much one for New Year's resolutions as I am for promoting constant growth and change. I've found these tips to be important. I'm sure a few resolutions have begun to fizzle out for us, but here is a means to ensure that those that matter most remain steadfast.

A Tutorial on Retouching a Portrait of Kate Moss

With the new year upon us, I found it insightful to reflect on tutorials that not only taught skills, but focused on heightening your attention to detail. Join the Breed has been a wealth of knowledge in regards to editing techniques as well as ins and outs to becoming a successful photographer. This video in particular shows an in-depth breakdown of how to recreate this well-known Kate Moss photo.

Photographer Spotlight: Lucas Passmore

I believe that upon our journey in whatever craft you choose, we encounter people who not only inspire, but assist in pushing us to grow more, and photographer Lucas Passmore has been exactly that for me. Initially, from the Midwest, Lucas is a fashion photographer living in Los Angeles. His regards for the history of photography, ability to capture a moment, and willingness to give back to those new to the photography community made him the perfect person to highlight in my first interview.

Inside Look at the Work of Master Photographer Herb Ritts

You've heard the name. Listed among the accolades as one of the greats, Herb Ritts' ability to seamlessly blend together both environment and model set him apart from his peers. A mastery over lines, shapes, and all things pertaining to light that trademarked his work as timeless. He had an eye for capturing a moment and creative intuition for creating one. This documentary gives us a glimpse into the man behind the work. In a sense it is even more intimate then we could've hoped, as it is told by those who were closest to him.

Pratik Naik's Color Workflow via Capture One

With the effortless launch of Capture One 11, it only made sense to go back and share a hidden gem of a seminar that helped me greatly with color editing. Capture One's cutting-edge color editing ability, now combined with the newfound layer and opacity capability breathe a new sense of life into a process that can sometimes feel overwhelming and daunting.

How to Plan a Portrait or Fashion Photoshoot

So you have a great photoshoot idea that's been burning a hole in the back of your brain. As amazing as it sounds to you, you continue to push it back. Finding the task of planning and executing said shoot has been daunting to say the least. I'm someone who as a beginner found this to be a problem that held me back more times than once. However, I'm here to say that by developing a process of sorts, this obstacle can become a thing of the past.

Compare and Despair: A Photographer's Guide to Positive Thinking

You’ve just wrapped up a shoot and excitement begins to swell in you as you prepare to review your pictures. You hope that just this once, you can walk away with deep satisfaction at the end result. However, to your dismay, just as you are preparing to review the pictures, you catch wind of a notification to view someone’s new Instagram post. That of which due to how polished it is, makes you look at your own work with despair. The spark you once felt for it is now gone.