Making the Most of the New Year: Five Insightful Tips for Photographers

Making the Most of the New Year: Five Insightful Tips for Photographers

I’m not much one for New Year's resolutions as I am for promoting constant growth and change. I've found these tips to be important. I'm sure a few resolutions have begun to fizzle out for us, but here is a means to ensure that those that matter most remain steadfast.

1. Accountability

We have all been there. We make goals that at the time seem both feasible and simple enough. However, as time goes on we realize that somewhere, along the months they get lost in translation. A better sense of accountability is a safeguard for sticking to our goals and promoting positive growth as the days pass on. One way I’ve found to work for me was writing them down. Getting them out of my head and onto paper almost solidifies it for me. It also makes it so that you have a list you can frequent whenever you forget what you’re working towards or just need a mental boost in why you’re doing what you’re doing in the first place.

Reflecting on previous shoots and milestones has been a great way for me to plan what's next.

 2. Time

Time is by far the most important tool that we have as a creative. However, it is one of the easiest things to lose track of. For me writing down a list of my long term and short term goals, aids in making day by day actives something that chip away at my overall aspirations. Time management happens to be one of the things I hope to tackle most with this new year. Who hasn't ignored a heap of photos that need your attention and editing? All for the next binge-worthy show or chance to catch up with friends, I know I'm guilty. Results are seen for those who choose to prioritize things through importance as well as willing to make a compromise. Edit photos while watching the new show? Or challenge yourself to a few hours of editing before taking on anything fun and recreational? These are the questions we should be asking ourselves when creating feasible goals to stick to.

3. Honesty

Honesty within ourselves; we encounter critics on a daily basis with all things we do. However, it is up to us to make sure we are honest with our weaknesses and what we'd like to grow in. If we blatantly disregard our flaws it is hard to recover and fix them. For me, this is important because no matter your craft the road is hard and filled with many obstacles. Obstacles which initially will seem daunting but as you work on strengthening, your weakest aspects they too will come to pass.

4. Boldness

The biggest thing I've learned with the close of the year, which I wish to implement into my life this year. Is be bold, be unapologetic in creating your art as you see fit. I recognize that many times we look to play it safe for the sake of appeasing to the audience that we seek. But more times then not we play into the masses of others within our respective fields rather than standing out. Not to mention a fear of putting some of you in your work, can ultimately erode at your resolve to even continue. Creating things that speak to you will ultimately speak to your audience and by doing so. Keep you steadfast on your path with pieces that when reflecting back on, speak to you in the most meaningful of ways. 

5. Acknowledgement 

It is important however as busy as things may get. To always take time to give yourself an acknowledgment of your success and hard work thus far. It's very easy to burn yourself out or feel overwhelmed by not being exactly where you wish to be. Taking time reflect on your victories helps to keep you fueled on your next task. Like answering the multitude of untouched emails that have been festering in your inbox. In closing, I'd love to hear what everyone's list is looking like for the new year goal wise. 

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Rob Swackhamer's picture

A lot of this is something I've been working on the last few months... and I took some big steps within that today. So I must say I'm amused by the timing of this article.

Brandon Laurent's picture

There’s no better feeling then when you find confirmation in something you’re working on and not even expecting it! I’m happy this article was relatable.

Michael Kim's picture

#3 & #4 seem to contradict themselves...

Jack Alexander's picture

BTW I adore each and every one of the photos in this article

Brandon Laurent's picture

Means a lot coming from you! I've read and re-read your articles so much over the years due to loving your work and how honest and helpful your articles can be.

Jack Alexander's picture

Ha that's wicked, thanks pal